Annapurna: List of Summits

As per Seven Summit Treks, almost all the climbers on summit-bid made it to the top. The Himalayan Times states that 14 foreigners and 16 Sherpa/guides from Nepal reached the top. Here is the list of summits as received from Kathmandu.
Annapurna as seen from C2; Source

(Note: List will be updated as we receive direct information from relevant teams.)

Foreign Climbers
1. Boyan Petrov (Bulgaria)
2. Klein David (Hungary)
3. Atanas Skatov (Bulgaria)
4. Mario Vielmo (Italy)
5. Jost Kobusch (Germany)
6. Nadav Ben-Yehuda (Israel)
7. Carlos Soria (Spain)
8. Carlos Vicente Sanchez (Spain)
9. Luis Miguel Lopez (Spain)
10. Luo Jing (China)
11. Chris Burke (Australia / New Zealand)
12. Matthew Du Puy (USA)
13. Mingon Kim (South Korea)
14. Guntis Ivars Brands (Switzerland)

Sherpa Guides from Nepal
1. Chheji Norbu Sherpa
2. Ming Temba Sherpa
3. Pemba Bhote
4. Chepal Sherpa
5. Ngima Wangdak Sherpa
6. Pemba Thinduk Sherpa
7. Lakpa Nunu Sherpa
8. Nuri Sherpa
9. Pema Tshering Sherpa
10. Lakpa Temba sherpa
11. Lakpa Sherpa
12. Pasang Sherpa
13. Phurba Sherpa
14. Wong Dorchi Sherpa
15. Pasang Nuru Sherpa
16. Sanu Sherpa

Carlos Soria is safely back in C4 after 20hr long summit push. He launched the summit push at around 1930hrs yesterday and reached the top at around 0900 this morning. As per Seven Summit Treks, Mario Vielmo and the fellow climbers are also back in C3. Jost Kobusch’s tracker shows that he is on the way down.
Carlos Soria; Source
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