Pakistan's Mountains

Pakistan's 8000ers

This section presents the history of climbing activities on five eight-thousand meter peaks in Pakistan. The road to the summit was paved by sacrifices of several climbers from different countries. Each expedition prior to first successful summit contributed in one way or other to enable the ascent. It's a tribute to all those legendary climbers of twentieth century and the winter warriors of this age.

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K2 (8,611m)

Amongst the major attractions of mountaineering and exploratory world in early twentieth century, Karakoram and K2 held a significant place.The remoteness, altitude and unmatched geographic features attracted several explorers and mountaineers. K2 is the second highest peak in the world after Mount Everest (8848m) and the highest mountain in Pakistan. Located at far-off corner of Godwin Austin glacier, in the heart of Karakoram range, the peak is considered to be the toughest eight-thousander; hence at times referred as 'Mountaineer's Mountain'.

Road to First Ascent of K2
Part-1 | K2 The Distant Dream | Great Trigonometric Survey -1856 and Sir William Martin Conway  to Concordia-1892
Part-2 | First Attempt to Climb K2 | Oscar Eckenstein and Aleister Crowley Expedition - 1902
Part-3 | Second Attempt to Climb K2 | Duke of Abruzzi Expedition - 1909 (Coming Soon)
Part-4 | Third Attempt to Climb K2 | First American Expedition - 1938
Part-5 | Fourth Attempt to Climb K2 | Second American Expedition - 1939
Part-6 | Fifth Attempt to Climb K2 | Third American Expedition - 1953
Part-7 | Sixth Attempt to Climb K2 | First Ascent of K2 - 1954

Other Noteworthy Climbs
History of Winter Climbing/Attempts on K2

Nanga Parbat (8,126m)

History of Winter Climbing Nanga Parbat | Episode 1
History of Winter Climbing Nanga Parbat | Episode 2
History of Winter Climbing Nanga Parbat | Episode 3
History of Winter Climbing Nanga Parbat | Episode 4

Gasherbrum I (8,080m)

Broad Peak (8,051)

History of Winter Climbing Broad Peak
First Winter Ascent of Broad Peak

Gasherbrum II (8,034) 

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