Raja Bashir Ahmad

Raja Bashir Ahmad was born in Charehan, a village nearby the well-known hill station of Murree, in 1938. Bashir Ahmad made the first ascent of Saltoro Kangri (7,742 m) in 1962 at the age of 24.

Saltoro Kangri
Saltoro Kangri is situated near Siachen glacier, the highest battlefield in the world since 1984. First attempt to ascend this peak was carried out in 1935 by a British expedition that fell only 300m short of summit. Later in 1957 Eric Shipton explored the area around Siachen. 1962 Expedition to Saltoro Kangri was a joint venture of Kyoto University, Punjab University and Karakoram Club. Raja Bashir was an Ex-PIA officer and joined this Pakistan-Japan expedition to summit Saltoro Kangri. After three weeks of struggle through deep snow and a bitter cold night in the open at 7400meters, Raja Bashir made it to the summit with Japanese colleagues A. Saito and Y. Takamura on 24th July 1962.
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