Winter 2013 | Justice for All Nanga Parbat Expedition team Already on the Mountain

While my previous post on Winter 2013 did have some information about Polish, Italian and US-Hungarian expeditions, there was absolutely no information available about "Justice for All Winter Nanga Parbat Expedition ". I was assuming that this team hadn't landed in Islamabad yet and was expecting them to arrive soon.

ABC: Justice for All Team
Well, I have just came to know that this team of Polish climbers had, in fact, reached Islamabad well before mid-December. Team consists of Tomasz Mackiewicz, Marek Klonowski and Piotr Strzezysz (edit: Contrary to initial reports, Piotr wasn't part of expedition). They departed for Chilas on 16th December and later onwards to Rupal face base camp on 23rd. Setting up Advanced Base Camp (ABC) very next day, they returned back to base camp for a solitary Christmas. Weather has been snowy and cloudy, due to which team is facing some issue with solar energy. They are hoping for good weather to proceed with acclimatization process.

Photos from Justice for All Expedition's base camp.

Meanwhile, logistical issue of US-Hungarian Team still seems unresolved. The missing luggage boxes didn't arrive as expected previously and team's planned departure for Chilas was being compromised. Team had a brief discussion and mutually agreed to move forward as per plan while authorizing the traveling agency to take care of missing luggage. They left Islamabad on Saturday night (29th Dec/9PM) and reached Chilas after 18hours, mainly due to bad road condition and numerous security check posts set on KKH. They spent Sunday wandered around in Chilas, enjoying hospitality of locals, posing for photographs and getting ready for wilderness ahead. Team might have moved to base camp today.

Here are some Photos from US-Hungarian Expedition.

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