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On May 20th, several climbers reached the top of Kangchenjunga while five perished on upper slopes of the mountain during descent. Spanish climber Oscar Cadiach has shared the list of climbers reaching summit that day.

Summits (20-5-13) and Deaths on Kangchenjunga
1. Reza Shahlai (Iran)
2. Zsolt Eross (Hungary, died during descent)
3. Peter Kiss (Hungary, died during descent)
4. Kim Hong-bin (South Korea)
5. Nam-su Park (South Korea, died during descent)
6. Pho Dorchi Sherpa (Nepal - died during descent)
7. Mingma Sherpa (Nepal)
8. Bibash Gurung (Nepal died during descent)
9. Nima Sherpa (Nepal)
10. Nuru Sherpa (Nepal)
11. Mario Vielmo (Italy)
12. Miss Luo Jing (China)
13. Liu Honszhong (China)
14. Zhang Liang (China)
15. Oscar Cadiach (Spain)

Zsolt Eross and Peter Kiss; Image

Catalonian climber Juanjo Garra died on 26th May after fighting severe weather and extreme altitude for three nights. Keshav Gurung became an emblem of gallantry, loyalty and valor, when he volunteered to stay with Juanjo and tried to bring him down. 38 years old Keshav is a professional high altitude guide from Manaslu region. After being evacuated from C3 in worsened condition, he is under treatment in Kathmandu now.

Missing Japanese climber has been identified as 66 years old lady Chizuko Kono. On 23rd May, she and her guide Dawa Sherpa tried to reach the top in bad weather but had to turn back slight short of summit. Following night Chizuko Kono perished at around 7700m due to exhaustion and altitude. Dawa Sherpa was rescued from BC on Tuesday.

Juanjo Garra's teammate recovers at a hospital in Kathmandu of a cerebral edema
Kheshav Gurung has climbed 5 8000ers so far. Photo: Manuel Gonzalez

Dhaulagiri Summits and Deaths
As per Catalonian expedition leader Manuel Lolo Gonzalez, no one could reach the summit of Dhaulagiri this season. Two causalities are listed below.

1. Juanjo Garra (Catalonia - died after suffering an accident at 8000m)
2. Chizuko Kono (Japan - died because of exhaustion at altitude)

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