Nanga Parbat Diamir BC Massacre | List of Victims

Following the terrorist attacks, it's reported that climbers have been evacuated from the Diamir Base Camp, whereas Romanian team on Rupal side still awaits further directives. Unaware of precise details from opposite side of the mountain, Romanians established C3 (6600m), yesterday. Currently, it’s not confirmed whether authorities want them to leave the mountain or continue climbing Schell’s route.

Meanwhile, Kharkov Alpine Club has confirmed the death of three Ukrainian climbers. As per web report, the climbers killed by terrorists at Nanga Parbat Base Camp had families and minor children. Club will release funeral and burial details of climbers, later.

Ukrainian Causalities:
Igor Svergun, 1966 (He was also the leader of current expedition)
Kashaev Magomedovich Badawi, 1959
Konyaev Dmitry Sergeyevich, 1970

Shenzhen-based Jingbao newspaper reported that three deceased Chinese are Rao Jianfeng, Yang Chunfeng and Honglu Chen. Honglu Chen was a China/USA dual national. Chinese Mountaineering Association also confirmed the attack on Chinese team and causalities of two nationals. Miraculously, fourth climber of the team, Zhang Jingchuan, was able to escape from massacre site and hide in a ravine when shooting was going on at Base Camp.

Chinese Causalities:
Rao Jianfeng
Yang Chunfeng
Honglu Chen (USA/China dual national)

Death of Lithuanian, Ernestas Marksaitis, was confirmed by expedition leader, Alexandra Dzik, yesterday. Unfortunate Ernest was the only member of International Expedition at Base Camp, while rest of the team was in high camp.

Lithuanian Causality:
Ernestas Marksaitis

Seven Summit Treks’ managing director Mingma Sherpa confirmed the death of one Nepali climber in the incident. The deceased mountain guide has been identified as 35 years old Sona Sherpa.

Nepali Causality:
Sona Sherpa (35)

The Pakistani who died in the incident was a cook at Base Camp and belonged to Hushe Valley, Skardu. His name is not known, as of now. As per BBC report, poor victim was Ali Hussain. He leaves behind a young wife, 5 years old son and two little daughters.

Pakistani Causality:
Ali Hussain (28)

Ukrainian website, 4sport, reports that deceased Slovak climbers are Anton Dobes and Peter Sperka. Peter and Anton were part of Ukrainian expedition.

Slovak Causalities:
Anton Dobes
Peter Sperka

Official list of victims is still awaited.

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