Summer 2013 | SUMMIT(s) on Broad Peak and Body Located at 7900m

First SUMMITS of the season are reported on Broad Peak. While precise details about ascent and summiteers list are not available yet, Dominik Müller of AMICAL alpin tells us that all climbers are safely back to Base Camp. AMICAL alpin climbers, who were first to reach the BC this year, faced excessive snow during summit push.
Broad Peak (Photo: Adam Bielecki Source)

Also Jacek Berbeka told an reporter, that the first group of climbers (AMICAL alpin team) heading towards Broad Peak summit saw a body at around 7900m, positioned exactly on the climbing path to top. It’s assumed that the body is of either of Polish climbers Maciej Berbeka or Tomasz Kowalski, who died on the mountain after making first winter ascent on 5th March. Based on available information from the day, it's believed that Tomasz Kowalski died of exhaustion and fatigue above 7900m, whereas Maciej Berbeka perhaps suffered a fatal fall, while descending further down. The sighting of body is indeed a sensitive moment for the families and fans of Polish climbers.

Image Source

Jacek Berbeka is the younger brother of Maciej and is currently on a mission to find bodies of the two climbers. As first option, Jacek and team will try bringing them down to Base Camp but if circumstances don’t allow this, they will bury them on the mountain, ‘gracefully’ – away from the eyes of future climbers.

Further details about Broad Peak summit push and Jacek Berbeka’s mission were presented in previous post, Summit Pushes and Commemoration For Maciej Berbeka & Tomasz Kowalski.

Success and tragedy on Broad Peak, this winter:-

Nanga Parbat
Romanians climbing Rupal side via Schell's route reached C4 (7200m) on Wednesday, but they were unable to make a summit bid, this time. On Thursday, they rested and tried to gain strength for summit push but strong winds were predicted on Friday. Hence the team couldn't go for the summit. Weather is expected to deteriorate further in coming days, which mean the team will have to descend to lower camps and wait for another summit window.
Route showing final sections of climb via Schell's route.

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