Spring 2014 | Everest Climbers Going for the Summit Tonight

After months of preparation and weeks of patience at Base Camp, Everest summit bids are underway. Several climbers must have left for the summit as I write this report, whereas the remaining climbers target May 25th as summit day. The weather has been a bit dodgy so far, but favourable conditions are reported from the mountain, at this moment.

North Summit Push
The home team of David Klein is reporting that the Hungarian climber has launched the summit bid this evening at 7 PM Nepal time. David is climbing without supplemental oxygen. Apparently, he will be following the rope fixing group to the summit.

7 Summit Club is another team on summit push tonight. Expedition leader Alex Abramov reported that nine climbers from the their expedition reached C3, this afternoon. “Good weather - not a cloud. Wind, for me from the tent ... well it seems pretty weak,

Ralf Dujmovits is in C2, now. As per Stefan Nestler, “on Saturday Ralf wants to ascend to an altitude of about 8300 meters. He'll leave the tent at camp 2 and pitch a mini-tent at C3”.

Ralf will be joined by several other climbers on summit push on May 25th.

End of Peter & Horia’s Attempt
Strong wind and the fatigue combined with unclear weather forecast forced Peter Hamor and Horia Colibasanu to cancel their summit attempt and conclude the expedition. The duo climbed from C1 to C2 (7600m) in strong wind, but the difficult conditions forced them to retreat. They are currently in ABC.

South side
Details from South side are limited. However, renowned Everest blogger Alan Arnette tweeted a while ago, “Jing Wang reported to have summited #Everest2014 May 23 from Nepal side. No word on Cleo for Lhotse. Other North teams are on schedule.”

Missing on Kangchenjunga
As per news reports from Indian and Nepalese media, an Indian climber Chhanda Gayen and two Sherpa Temba and Dawa Wonchu are missing on Kangchenjunga since Tuesday. It has been reported that Chhanda summited Kangchenjunga on Sunday with rest of the climbers. However instead of returning to BC, she went forth with her plan to climb Kangchenjunga West (Yalung Kang).

It’s said that an avalanche hit the three mountaineers on Tuesday, when they were coming down from C3. Search operation started immediately, but unfortunately without any positive outcome. Bad weather has also affected the search operation.
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