Spring 2014 | Everest Summits and Success on Makalu, Cho Oyu

It was another successful weekend in Himalayas with summits reported on three peaks. On Everest, multiple teams from Tibetan side made it to the top on Saturday and Sunday. Also, the summit pushes on Makalu and Cho Oyu were successful.


South side

In an interesting turn to the Everest events, Chinese lady Jing Wang and five Sherpa (Da Gelje, Tashi, Passang Dawa, Lhakpa Nuru, Lhapka Gelje) became the first climbers to reach Everest summit, this season. It has been reported that they reached the top on May 23rd at 6:20 PM. After Sherpa strikes and Ice Fall closure, the Everest Nepal side season was generally considered over. However, Wang decided to fly to C2 and continued the climb with five Sherpa.

American Cleo Weidlich also flew to C2 to attempt Lhotse, however, it’s reported that she only managed to reach slightly above C3.

Wang Jing
Jing Wang in Namache Bazar after Everest summit. Source
North side

On North side, multiple teams summited on May 24th and 25th. However, as of now it appears that no climber could make it to the top, without using supplemental oxygen. Ralf Dujmovits had to turn back after a rough night at 8300m. Difficult conditions forced David Klein to retreat from 8600m. German Jurgen Greher descended from 7900m due to health issues, whereas his partner Helga Soll managed to reach 8500m before strong wind forced her to withdraw. Peter Hamor and Horia Colibasanu have already concluded their Everest expedition.

Of International Everest Expedition, Dr. Atanas Skatov and Phur Gyaljen Sherpa summited on May 24th at 5:50 AM. Polish Ryszard Pawlowski and Pasang Sherpa topped at around 07:38 AM on May 25th.

On 25th, Indian Baidya Biplab and Debabbrata Mukherjee along with Ngima Kanchha Sherpa and Pemba Tenji Sherpa reached the top, at 09:40AM. 72 year old Bill Burke summited with Gyaluk Sherpa and Mingma Nuru at 09:45AM.

Indian teenagers Poorna Malavath (aged 13 years and 11 months) and Anand Sadhanapalli reportedly also made it to the top on 25th.

Acclimitisaton above North Col
Climber above North Col (7000m). Source

Fifteen men from 7-Summit-Club reached the summit on May 24th. Seven clients, seven Sherpa and guide Noel Hanna summited at around 7AM. (Update: 16 more members from 7-Summit-Club summited on 25th.)

Kobler-Partner (8+12=20 summits), Adventure Peaks (3 summits) and Summit Climb (around 11) teams have also reported successful summits on the mountain. No updates are available about Maltese climbers, as of now.

As per Times of Malta, three members of Maltese Everest team, Gregory Attard, Matthew Xerri and Douglas Barbaro Sant, made it to the top.


After around two dozen summits during May 17th - 19th summit window, the remaining Makalu climbers went for the summit on May 25th. Australian/NZ climber Chris Burke wrote on May 22nd, “We left ABC at around 9am on 22 May with about 35 other climbers, including Sherpa, for what is likely to be the last chance for many of us to try for the summit this season.

Multiple summits have been reported from the mountain. It’s confirmed that Christine Burke bagged her 6th eight-thousander. She reached the summit with American Vance Cook, Lakpa Sherpa, Ngima Sherpa and Galden Sherpa at 6am.

Willie Benegas and 16 years old adventurer Matt Moniz, who ascended Cho Oyu earlier this season, reached Makalu ABC on May 22nd. Spotting current summit window, they started the climb on 23rd, reaching summit on 25th at around 04.30hrs local time. They were accompanied by Nima Kanchha Sherpa and Pemba Sherpa on summit day.

Two Indian climbers, who turned back 150m short of summit on May 17th, made their second summit bid on 25th. The home team reports that Ashish Mane made it to the top at around 2am, along with Dorji and Temba Sherpa. . Anand Mali has to turn back due to exhaustion.

It’s reported that all members of Himex team also summited on 25th. Lastly, Catalonian climber Ferrran Latorre had to turn back from 7600m due to health issues.

Makalu; Source


There hasn’t been any progress on search and rescue of three missing climbers on Kangchenjunga. Nepalese police officials presume that Chhanda Gayen and two Sherpa Temba and Dawa Wonchuare were killed in the avalanche incident.

Cho Oyu

In latest summit bid on Cho Oyu, Summit Climb team made it to the top on May 24th. A text message from expedition leader reads, “Members and Sherpa summit 10:30 Nepal time.” However, further details about ascent are not available as of now.

Dutch team led by Wilco Van Rooijen was last to reach the Base Camp, this year. Having completed the acclimatization, the group is now setting off for the summit. Despite snow, clouds and wind in the morning, the climbers left for C1, today. They are hoping to reach the top on May 29th.

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