Summer 2014 | C2 on K2 and Broad Peak

Thanks to favourable weather conditions, the teams on K2 and Broad Peak are making good progress. C2 have been established on both peaks and mountaineers continue their acclimatization. More climbers, who have been trekking since a few days, are now about to reach the BCs.


The Pakistani team has established C2 on Abruzzi Spur. It’s reported that five members of the team fixed the route till 6800m and installed C2, on Sunday. They faced strong wind and deep snow while ascending from C1 to C2. The team will now be shifting climbing gear to the camp.

The Polish team messaged from BC on June 27th that they were resting for a couple of days before heading up towards C2. Earlier, they established C1 (6100m) and reached 6400m on June 26th.

Climbers heading up from K2 BC; Source

Several climbers are still marching on Baltoro Glacier towards their Base Camps. Adrian Hayes, Al Hancock and the team is expecting to reach the mountain by Tuesday evening. The Nepalese all-female expedition is also in final stages of the trek.

American Team led by Garrett Madison flew to Skardu on Monday. They are planning to leave for Askole on July 2nd. Catalonian climber Ferran Latorre, who shares climbing permit with Americans, has reached Skardu a couple of days ago.

Lastly, Czech expedition led by Radek Jaros will be leaving for Pakistan in a few days.

Towards Concordia on Baltoro Glacier. Source

Broad Peak

Romanian Alex Gavan and Australian Gavin Vickers are back in BC after spending one night in C2 (6200m) and two nights in C1 (5600m). Gavin Vickers says that route between C1 and C2 was partially fixed. Polish climbers, Pakistani team and Mexican couple are also heading towards C2.

Meanwhile, it appears that several teams (like Taiwanese expedition, Austrian-German Team, Japanese expedition and Hungarian climbers) are currently trekking towards BC. Finnish climber Samuli Mansikka, who summited Kangchenjunga in May, has reached Paiju Camp, today. He will be attempting Broad Peak, this season.

Spanish Broad Peak teams have been stuck in Skardu since a while, but they are hopeful to leave for Askole on Wednesday morning.

Spanish team in Skardu; Source


It appears that the international GI/GII team finally departed for Askole, on Monday. Led by Tunc Findik, the group has been waiting for the arrival of various members in Skardu since June 24th.

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