Summer 2014 | K2 Summits on July 26th / Updated

July 26th is an extraordinary day in the history of K2. After the prolonged weather window, more than 35 climbers launched the summit bid from C4 at around 20:00 hrs on July 25th evening. First summit reports arrived at around 15:00 hrs on July 26th.

The updates from summit push appeared here. In this post, we compile the names of climbers who made it to the summit.

The shadow of K2 as captured by Chris B warner, when he reached the summit in 2007.

Summits (by first hand reports)
1. Tamara Lunger (Italy)
2. Nikolaus Gruber (Italy)
3. Radek Jaros (Czech)
4. Travnicek Jan (Czech)
5. Adrian Hayes (UK)
6. Hassan Jan (Pakistan)
7. Ali Durani (Pakistan)
8. Rahmat Ullah Baig (Pakistan)
9. Ghulam Mehdi (Pakistan)
10. Ali (Pakistan)
11. Muhammad Sadiq (Pakistan)
12. Michele Cucchi  (Italy)
13. Dawa Yangzum Sherpa (Nepal)
14. Pasang Lhamu Sherpa (Nepal)
15. Maya Sherpa (Nepal)
16. Giuseppe Pompili (Italy)
17. Amin Baig (Pakistan)
18. Ferran Latorre (Spain)
19. Chris Jensen Burke (NZ/Aus)
20.  Lakpa Sherpa (Nepal)
21.  Al Hancock (Canada)
22. Alexandros Aravidis (Greece)
23. Luo Jing (China)
24. Mr. Chhiring Sherpa
25. Mr. Mingma Gyabu Sherpa
26. Mr. Chhiji Nurbu Sherpa
27. Mr. Mingma Dorchi Sherpa
28. Mr. Ngima Dorchi Sherpa
29. Mr. Pemba Sherpa
30. Mr. Lakpa Sherpa
31. Mr. Ngatasi Sherpa
32. Mr. Lakpa Temba Sherpa
33. Fazal Ali

Reported Summits which I couldn't confirm from first-hand reports:-
1. Basheer (Pakistan)
Awaiting News about climbers who were on summit push today:-
1. Cleo Weidlich (USA)
2. Sherpa with Cleo (Nepal)

1. Chris Burke has confirmed three names; Herself, Lakpa Sherpa and Tshring Sherpa. So article is being updated accordingly. Moreover, she says, there were 32 summits on K2, that day.
2. Updated list as further information arrived.

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