Summer 2014 | Poles Summit K2 on 60th Anniversary - Update # 2

Polish K2 team made it to the summit, on the 60th anniversary of K2’s first ascent. As per message from Pawel Michalski, this noon, Janusz Golab was on top.

"Expedition is successful!!!
Janusz Gołąb on top!
Artur Malek and Pawel Michalski retreated 150m below the Summit (now C4). Kaczkan still trying."

Polish team on K2

The Polish Winter Himalaism Expedition, under the leadership of Marcin Kaczkan completed its acclimatization by reaching C3 on July 24th and opted to return to BC for rest and recovery before summit attempt. This meant that they missed the July 26th-27th summit window. However, the weather on K2 has been exceptionally good this year and Poles also had their brief summit window.

On July 27th, when almost everyone was coming down, Polish team went up. Bulgarian Boyan Petrov, who summited Broad Peak on July 23rd, and Simone La Terra were also part of summit attempt group. On July 28th, they ascended to C1 (except Simone, who reached C2). They all reunited in C3 on 29th and climbed to C4 on 30th.

Summit push started at around 1850 hrs local time yesternight, when Marcin Kaczkan, Pawel Michalski, Artur Malek and Janusz Golab left C4. As of now, we don’t have any confirmed news about Petrov and Simone.

As per last communication from the mountain at around 1740 hrs local time, Janusz Golab had returned to C4 before 1400hrs. They are all waiting for Marcin Kaczkan's arrival.

Update 01 (31-Jul-14 2045hrs PST)

Kaczkan also summited and is back in C4, safely. Tomorrow, they will be descending to BC.

Update 02 (01-Aug-14 2345hrs PST)

Bulgarian Boyan Petrov was the first person to reach the top yesterday, just ahead of Janusz Golab. It's reported that Italian Simone La Terra turned back below Bottleneck due to cold.

Boyan Petrov has now become the first Bulgarian to summit K2 and also joins the club of those few climbers who scaled both Broad Peak and K2 in one season. He climbed Broad Peak on July 23rd, after a couple of unsuccessful solo summit bids.

Meanwhile, all climbers have safely descended to BC, today. It appears that with this, the amazingly successful season on K2 comes to an end.

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