Winter 2015 | Nanga Parbat Teams Arrive in Pakistan, K2 Climbers Hopeful for Positive Outcome

We are now into calender winter climbing season. Some climbers are already travelling towards the mountains. Others will be arriving right after Christmas. However, the permit issue has delayed the K2 expedition till mid-January, at least.

Elisabeth and Tomek Moving Towards BC
Members of International team on Nanga Parbat Diamir side are reaching Pakistan, one by one. French lady Elisabeth Revol arrived in Islamabad last week and left for Nanga Parbat on Monday, Dec 22nd. Tomek Mackiewicz has completed acclimatization in Rupal valley and is expected to have reached Chilas by now.

The two climbers will be going to Diamir Base Camp. Daniele Nardi, Roberto Delle Monache and Federico Santini will be leaving for Pakistan after Christmas, on Dec 27th. They will be sharing Base Camp with Tomek and Elisabeth.

Daniele will be climbing the Mummery Rib again this year; his third winter attempt on the route. However, Tomek and Elisabeth may work together on unfinished line attempted by Reinhold Messner, Hubert Messner, Hanspeter Eisendle and Wolfgang Tomaseth in 2000. 

The Karakoram Highway; File photo by Elisabeth Revol

Russians in Pakistan
Nickolay Totmjanin, Valery Shamalo, Serguey Kondrashkin and Victor Koval left for Pakistan on Dec 22nd. As informed by RussianClimb, the team will be attempting Schell route (with due variations) on Rupal side.

“The team hopes to get setup by ATP and start moving within only two days to a low BC (3600 m) set by a free-flowing stream of water. The climbing plan is: C1, C2, and C3 at about 7000 m, with summit push in a single run and a small tent between C3 and the top. The team is bringing only 500 meter of rope.”

The third Nanga Parbat team consists of three Iranian climbers, and will be coming to Pakistan in second week of January.

K2 Climbers Hopeful
Despite the major setback due to climbing permit cancellation, Denis Urubko, Alex Txikon and Adam Bielecki are positive about their K2 Northside expedition. “As you know the date of our expedition has been slightly modified. We’ve changed agency to Chinese one and now we’re waiting for new permit. We should obtain it first week of January with chance of winter ascent of K2 still being real. No one said it would be easy. Keep your fingers crossed.” Adam Bielecki wrote on Facebook.

If new permit is issued and everything goes as per plan, the team should be reaching K2 Northside BC by the last week of January.

Finally, details about Simone Moro’s expedition are still awaited, who will be Himalayas in second part of the winter.

K2 Route options by Denis Urubko
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