Winter 2015 | Tomek Mackiewicz Begins Acclimatization in Rupal Valley

Winter climbing season is now a couple of weeks away. Majority of teams are finalizing their preparations for a mid-December departure to the mountains. On the other hand, Tomek Mackiewicz reached Pakistan in November and is already in Rupal Valley. The Polish climber intends to conclude his acclimatization before going to Diamir side.

Last year, Ralf Dujmovits had a similar strategy. He acclimatized on Aconcagua, the highest mountain outside Himalayas, before travelling to Nanga Parbat. Despite his failure to launch a summit push, Ralf thinks the acclimatization-elsewhere idea is workable. “The idea is feasible,” Ralf commented at the end of his Diamir side expedition, “but you need a lot of luck, and conditions on the mountain have to be good.

Tomek flew to Pakistan on November 12th. A week later, after concluding the routine tasks in Rawalpindi, he left for Astore (last major town before Nanga Parbat). He arrived in Lattabo on November 21st. The Polish climber intends to climb Rupal Peak (5642m) and the neighboring Laila Peak (5971m) for acclimatization before joining Daniele Nardi and Elisabeth Revel at Diamir BC.

During a conversation about on going activities, Tomek told Portal Gorski on 25th, "I have chosen easy targets, so far. I am concentrating. There is an unusual peace and quietness. I feel good." He was expected to leave for Rupal Peak on Monday (Dec 1st).

Polish team's hut in Lattabo during 2014 winter expedition.
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