Winter 2015 | Nanga Parbat Climbers Return to BC, Simone Moro Starts his Expedition Next Week

Iranian and Spanish teams were unable to overcome Kinshofer wall, the technical crux of the Kinshofer route, just below C2. Daniele Nardi’s C3 tent was hit by an avalanche. All climbers have now retreated to BC for rest and recovery. Meanwhile, Simone Moro will be leaving for undisclosed expedition in Himalayas, next week.

Simone Moro’s next Expedition and Comment about Russian Team
Mountaineering journalist Stefan Nestler met Simone Moro during a trade fair in Munich yesterday. The Italian climber told that he will be leaving for Himalayas next week, without sharing any further details. Simone Moro had already hinted about the expedition in Exweb interview, “I’m going again in fact, but it’s neither K2 nor Nanga Parbat. The plan is still confidential but will happen soon. It will be in the second part of winter.

While talking about current Nanga Parbat expeditions, Simone Moro seemed positive about Russian team’s success. “I’m surprised. I really thought they could make it,” he commented on team’s departure from the mountain.

Simone Moro at ISPO trade fare in Munich; Source

Tomek and Russians Meet in Chilas
The winter climbers had a surprise meeting in Chilas. Tomek Mackiewicz was travelling back from Gilgit after getting his frostbitten toes treated. Nickolay Totmjanin, Serguey Kondrashkin, Valery Shamalo and Victor Koval had just left Rupal BC.

Tomek, who is in Islamabad now, wrote this morning, “On the way back, I stopped in Chilas to leave trekking poles borrowed from Federico at hotel reception. And exactly at same moment our friends from St. Petersburg arrived there. This year, they fought very bravely on Rupal side. It was a good surprise and a very positive meeting. We exchanged experiences, stories and left.”

Tomek and Russian Team; Source
Kinshofer Route Climbers Return to BC
Alex Txikon and Iranian Climbers have returned to BC for rest and recovery. The group’s progress was slowed down by lack of acclimatization, deep snow and heavy backpacks.

“Early in the morning, we went up from C1 again and as we exceeded the maximum height reached a day ago, deep snow gave way to blue ice. Thus, after nine hours of climbing in shadow, temperature about -30C and failing to overcome the Kinshofer wall, we deposited 1300m rope and enough food (around 150m below C2) for summit attempt during next rotation.” Alex Txikon wrote on his blog.

Alex Txikon on Kinshofer route; Source

Daniele Nardi
Daniele Nardi’s home team wrote yesterday night that the Italian climber is returning to BC. “Today Daniele started from C 3 at 9:15am. After about 15 minutes, an avalanche swept through the tent. The condition of the spur were good for climbing and Daniele continued alone up to 6100m. Not having a tent for the next camps, as bivouac tent suffered serious damage, he decided to go back down to Base Camp to re-provision.”

Daniele Nardi; Source

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