Winter 2015 | No Break in Nanga Parbat Bad Weather, C1 Ready on Manaslu

Bad weather on Nanga Parbat continues. The climbers have decided to spend another day at BC. Simone Moro and Tamara Lunger have initiated the acclimatization and route opening to higher camps on Manaslu. They are spending this night in C1 at 5700m.

Nanga Parbat
Last week, Alex Txikon talked about summit attempt possibility starting from Monday. However, the conditions were too bad to go up. “One more day in BC. Snowy and foggy, looks quite terrifying today,” the Spanish climber posted on Facebook a while ago.

Huge avalanche approaches the Diamir Base Camp. Source

Mountain-forecast predicts that adverse weather conditions may prolong. We will have to wait and see how climbers proceed from here on. Details coming out of Nanga Parbat BC suggest that everyone is fresh, motivated and focused for the summit push.

Snow at Nanga Parbat BC, tonight. Source

Simone Moro and Tamara Lunger are enjoying good weather on Manaslu that is expected to last till Wednesday. After two days of work, they established C1 at 5700m today. Their plan is to explore the route through crevasses towards C2, tomorrow. After spending another night on the mountain, they will retreat to BC before Thursday.

The Italian climbers reached BC (4750m) a week ago. Simone had planned of getting equipment transported from Samagaon to BC using local porters. However, porters failed to reach BC due to excessive snow. So, helicopter was used for complete expedition gear delivery.

Helicopter arrives at Manaslu BC to deliver final consignment of expedition gear. Simone's plan of getting equipment transferred using local porters failed due to excessive snow. Source

Final consignment of team’s equipment arrived on Friday. Following day, they went up to scrutinize the route towards C1. On Sunday, they made first load-carry to an intermediate camp at 5220m and returned to BC.

This morning, they resumed the ascent and reached 5700m. They set up C1 and built a snow wall around the tents to get protection from winds. “It's too good to be here, without a soul around. We alone on this great mountain. No problem with Simone, we work together really well and if the weather helps, we hope to go higher and higher,” Tamara wrote today.

Simone and Tamara have started the Manaslu climb. In past two days, they completed tracks opening from BC (4750m) to C1 (5700m). They are spending the night in C1. Source
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