Iranian new route on Karambony tower, 19 Years old Finn Juho Knuuttila Attempts Snow Leopard

Iranian new route on Karambony Tower (A2 8b 442m 7c)
“The bright yellow cliff of Karambony stands proud directly above the campsite and is the smallest of the major walls at only 450m. But it is almost plumb vertical and is virtually featureless for its entire length, making it a very unique piece of rock.” Jack Geldard wrote in a UK Climbing article.

Three Iranian climbers, Hassan Gerami, Hamid Reza Shafaghi and Farshad Mijoji, opened a new route (A2 8b 442m 7c) on Karambony tower in April this year.

Read full report from the team here and watch a video clip from climb on Youtube.

19 Years old Finn Juho Knuuttila Attempts Snow Leopard this Summer
If successful, the Finnish young gun will be breaking multiple records.

1. He will become the first Finn to claim the Snow Leopard.
2. He will also become the youngest person to complete the pack.
3. Juho is also aiming to improve the summit-to-summit speed. The record is currently held by Denis Urubko (39 days) .

“I will climb on my own, without guides or friends (unsupported solo). And after the first peak (Pik Lenin), will be climbing in alpine style.” Juho Knuuttila wrote to us a few days back.

“Challenge is going to really hard. In 2013 nobody summited Kommunizma or Pobeda. It tells something about the difficulty. Pik Podeda is one of the deadliest peaks in the World and also the northernmost 7000er if we don`t count Khan Tengri.”

The expedition starts on July 1st and the Finnish climber hope to summit Pik Lenin by mid-July. “At the summit clock starts ticking towards Denis’ record.”

Follow Juho's progress on TwitterFacebookInstagram. Expedition website will be updated, soon.

Snow Leopard Peaks
- Pik Lenin (7134m)
- Pik Korzhenevskaya (7105m)
- Pik Kommunizma (7439m)
- Khan Tengri (7010m/6995m)
- Pik Pobeda (7439m)
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