Summer 2015 | Broad Peak Climbers Marching in towards BC

Multiple Broad Peak teams are trekking to the Base Camp. Most of them will be reaching there soon, whereas some climbers have just started the trek, this morning. There will be some important attempts on the mountain this year. Like Oscar Cadiach who intends to conclude 14x8000ers project. Juanito Oiarzabal will be on 2x14x8000ers challenge. Andrzej Bargiel will attempt a ski descent.

In Base Camp
Billi Bierling shares Base Camp with Himex K2 team but is climbing Broad Peak. When her K2 teammates departed for C1 yesterday, Billi also had a walk to Broad Peak. "For me it's a wander down to Broad Peak BC today to have a look at the route. Feeling well acclimatized," She tweeted.

American climber Nick Cienski is also at Base Camp. He will be attempting two Gasherbrum 8000m peaks later in the season.

Broad Peak as seen from K2 Base Camp; Source 

On the Way to Mountain
Juanito Oiarzabal and Alberto Zerain departed from Skardu on June 24th. They shall be reaching the Base Camp, soon. Juanito Oiarzabal is attempting Broad Peak as part of 2x14x8000ers project. Ivan Vallejo, Esteban Mena and Carla Pérez - Somos Ecuador team - also started the trek with Spanish climbers.

Summit Climb expedition is also on the way to mountain. They are expected to reach Base Camp in next few days. As per Tunç Fındık, they left for Askole on June 27th. Spaniard Oscar Cadiach is also part of this team. Oscar, if successful, will complete his 14x8000ers quest on this mountain.

Tunc Findik preparing the baggage for trek; Source

Starting the Trek
After an unsuccessful attempt on Annapurna earlier this year, Chris Burke and Lakpa Sherpa are on the way to Broad Peak now. Last year, the two climbers reached around C3 on the mountain before shifting to K2. “‘I posed to Lakpa that if we were to climb BP we had to do it properly and not make it any harder than it needed to be (having considered all the factors), especially since we had just expended a lot of energy on K2.” Chris wrote in one of her dispatches last summer.

Australian climber Margaret Watroba, a good friend of Chris Burke, will attempt Broad Peak and K2 double header, whereas Canadian Al Hancock, who summited K2 last year, will be on Broad Peak. Chris, Margaret, Al and teammates reached Askole yesterday and are starting the trek today. Singaporean Broad Peak Team led by Khoo Swee Chiow is also following similar schedule.

Polish speed climber Andrzej Bargiel, who set speed record on Manaslu last autumn, is also on the way to Broad Peak. Dariusz Zaluski will be his climbing/filming partner. Andrzej’s plan is to ski down Broad Peak. The two climbers left for Askole.
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