Summer 2015 | Final Round of Acclimatization on Broad Peak

Deep snow is a major challenge for Karakoram climbers this summer. After quick progress to C2, the route opening to C3 had been a struggle for Broad Peak teams. Nonetheless, on July 13th, Sherpa and high altitude porters successfully made it to C3.

After a (suspected) bad weather break over the weekend, majority of teams are currently finalizing acclimatization and are planning for summit pushes starting from next week. However, some climbers who have acclimatized to C2 are aiming for an earlier summit-bid. A strong team will be required to open route from C3 till pass.
Broad Peak; Source

Chris Burke, Margaret Watroba and other members of team are back at Base Camp after first rotation. Between July 10th and 13th, they spent two nights at C1 and one night in C2. Interestingly, these are the days when majority of teams remained at Base Camp due to suspected bad weather. The conditions up on the mountain were quite favorable though. “Some people at BC looked up and thought we were in really bad weather. Meanwhile, we were counting our blessings with our perfect conditions up high,” says Chris Burke. After some rest days, the team will go up again and spend at least one night at C3 to conclude the acclimatization.

Billi Bierling is expected to have left BC for second acclimatization trip, this morning. She is planning to sleep one night in C3.

Spaniards Juanito Oiarzabal and Alberto Zerain climbed to C2 on July 14th. It’s their second rotation and they want to spend a night in C3 before retreating to BC. They are targeting summit-bid at the end of next week. Second Spanish group, led by Oscar Cadiach, was also hoping to leave for second acclimatization trip on Tuesday. Ivan Vallejo’s Somos Ecuador team is also following a similar acclimatization pattern. American climber Nick Cienski and Polish duo - Andrzej Bargiel & Dariusz Zaluski are currently climbing towards C2 and C3, respectively. Finally, the summit climb team - with members from all around the globe - is also concluding the acclimatization before summit-bid.
Spaniards Anna Pujol and Patxi Goni at 6500m, under the summit of Broad Peak; Source
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