Summer 2015 | Gasherbrum I SUMMITed, K2 Summit-bid Thwarted, G2 and Broad Peak Teams on The Rise

Despite challenging conditions, a small weather window this week inspired majority of climbers to go for summit. GI team reached the top a while ago. GII and Broad Peak summit-bids are underway without any significant delay, so far. However, there has been a major setback on K2 and summit-push parties are back in Base Camp.

Gasherbrum I - SUMMIT
Members of international expedition summited GI today. The conditions were hard due to excessive snow. However, weather has been amazing throughout the day. They left for GI top, last night. After 12 hours of climbing, they were only 150m lower than the summit. “They are 150 meters from the summit after 12 hours of progress. Great weather, amazing views. They make a little water before the final assault!!!!” posted Yannick’s home team, this afternoon.

Ferran Latorre, Yannick Graziani, Tom Seidensticker and Muhammad Sadik (Sadik didn't reach the top, though) were the only climbers on the mountain, as everyone else decided to abandon the climb due to bad snow conditions. The four climbers ascended from C2 to C3, yesterday.
Gasherbrum I; Source

Gasherbrum II - Deep Snow
Several climbers were on the way to GII summit, today. However, as of now, we have heard from Polish Ski team only. “After 12 hours of climbing in deep snow, Olek and Peter were forced to abort the summit push at an altitude of about 7600m above sea level. They are skiing down to lower camps!”

Update from Chilean team, Polish duo - Michal Ruszkowski and Michal Stachowiak and other climbers is awaited.

Update: Message from Chilean team, "Summit". Wish them a safe descent.

K2 Summit-bid Thwarted
A group of six climbers from Switzerland, Spain, Argentina and Czech Republic were on a three day summit push, but difficult snow conditions forced them to retreat to BC, this morning. As majority of commercial teams decided not to go up during this short weather window, the independent climbers went up to C3 via SE Ridge on July 23rd. Their plan was to ascend to C4 on 24th and reach the summit on 25th. While details of climb from Mike Horn and fellows are still awaited, it is confirmed that all climbers have safely reached Base Camp.

Update: David Tait says that Mike Horn has decided to end his expedition, "Danger of avalanche, rockfall, depth of snow, and forthcoming bad weather all mentioned in explanation. Sad day."
K2; Source

A second summit push started this morning, only to end at ABC. Seven Summit Treks team found that their gear at ABC have been buried by a big avalanche. “Left for summit attempt this morning. Big avalanche buried all our gear depot at ABC. 18 people digging for 2h without finding anything. Camp 1 might be lost too where we have clothes and food… Expedition probably over… Still digging.” Philippe Gatta updated on Facebook this morning. ABC is an avalanche-prone mid-camp deposit and climbers don’t usually stay there. Unlike summit-push party, Seven Summits Team was climbing SSE Ridge.

Broad Peak
Majority of Broad Peak climbers are currently in C3 and will be leaving for summit, tonight. The teams in C3 include Spaniards Juanito Oiarzabal and Alberto Zerain, four members of Oscar Cadiach’s team, Ivan Vallejo’s team, Tunc Findik and Summit Climb team, Al Hancock and Polish climbers Andrzej Bargiel and Dariusz Zaluski.

Update: It appears that some climbers (probably Juanito Oiarzabal and Alberto Zerain) went for summit, this morning. However, their progress has been slow.
Andrzej Bargiel on Broad Peak; Source
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