Two Teams Return Unsuccessful from Latok I

At least two teams intended to climb interesting routes on Latok I, this summer. However difficult conditions didn’t let any of them make significant progress.

Huber brothers
In summer 2014, Alexander and Thomas cancelled their expedition to Latok I’s North Face due to political unrest in Pakistan. Nonetheless, the project remained their focus. “The dream of this giant wall is still in our mind and we hope next year we will get another chance,” they wrote last year.

Huber brothers returned to the mountain this season. “We are on our way to Latok I in the Karakorum Range. We will be out there for 2 month. After our adventure we let you how things went. Seppi, Mario, Dani, Alexander and Thomas” They updated on Facebook before departure, “we are not posting in the next 2 months. We want to be 100 % focused on our goal.”

The team returned back from the valley at around mid-August. “Wieder Dahoam! Endlich! It was a hard time there: difficult conditions on the mountains, hard decisions and a lot of luck we survived. Soon more about our Latok Expedition”

Slovenian Team
Four young Slovenians Luka Krajnc, Luka Lindič, Martin Žumer in Janez Svoljšak also spent the summer season climbing in Choktoi Valley. They reached the region in second week of July and acclimatized on smaller peaks.

“We finished acclimatization. Luka and Luka climbed Baithno Kabato (6200m). Janez & Martin were on Choktoi Peak (6145 m). We're all ok, waiting for major climbs.” Slovenian team wrote on August 4th.

However, due to difficult conditions, the team remained unsuccessful on big walls of Latok I. “Luka and Luka turned back from 5900m on Latok I, due to deep snow. Martin and Janez climbed a 400-meter rock near the BC.” The team started the return journey on August 19th.
Climbers in the valley; Source
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