Three Pakistani Climbers Missing on Toshe Ri (6325m); Search and Rescue Efforts Continue

Three climbers Imran Junaidi, Usman Tariq and Khurram Rajpoot have been presumed missing, as they haven’t contacted Base Camp since August 31st. Two members of expedition Awais Khattak and Ali Tariq are safe at BC. The team was on a mission to climb Toshe Ri (6325m) from Southside.
Toshe Ri Southside Base Camp; Source

The five member Pakistani team left for Neelum Valley in Kashmir on Aug 22, 2015. After setting up Base Camp, the climbing party established C2 at around 5000m on Aug 30th. A day later, they were seen at around 5500m. However, communication with the team was lost after that day. Having failed to contact climbers for multiple days, BC manager Awais Khattak descended to nearest town and requested search and rescue at the end of last week.

As per reports coming from the region, aerial search of the mountain was conducted by Abdul Jabbar Bhatti, yesterday. However, no trace of missing climbers could be found. Another group of seven rescuers is expected to reach BC today.

Toshe Ri (also known as Sarwali Peak, locally) is situated at the boundary of Neelum Valley and Rupal valley. A German team led by Bernd Neubauer claimed first ascent of the mountain in fall 1983. There hasn’t been any other known ascent of the peak, although it has seen some attempts by local climbers in past decade.

Usman Tariq and Imran Junaidi have previously climbed Little Trango (5450m) in 2014.
  Usman Tariq and Imran Junaidi on Little Trango; 2014; Source

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