Autumn 2015 | Lhotse South Face - C4 (8000m)

Lhotse South Face, as expected, is testing the patience level of Korean climbers. After first summit-bid thwarted at 7850m and second push resulting in C4 set up at 8000m (100 meters lower than planned), the team is hopeful for another chance to reach the summit. However, they currently battle fierce winds at Base Camp.

Adventurer Sung Taek Hong and the team of fellow Koreans and Nepalese Sherpa established three camps, final one at 7700m, on Lhotse South Face during the month of October. After a week’s rest, they launched first summit push on November 7th. The plan was to set-up C4 at 8100m and reach the top on 12th. The team encountered a strong blizzard at 7850m and were forced to turn back.

The climbers went up again, last week and were successful in setting up C4 at 8000m. Route fixing was exhausting and they couldn’t reach the intended site of C4 (8100m). However, strong winds are thrashing the mountain face now which may cause damage to established camps. “The wind may be a major decisive factor towards the result of expedition,” thinks the team.

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