Winter 2016 | Acclimatization Continues on Nanga Parbat

Each of Nanga Parbat teams is acclimatizing at its own pace. Meteorological conditions have been intermittent so far. There has neither been a long spell of bad weather, nor a window good enough for summit push.
Aerial photo of Diamir BC; Source

Tomek and Elisabeth in C2
It’s the second round of acclimatization for Tomek Mackiewicz and Elisabeth Revol. They were in C2 (somewhere around 6000m) yesterday, below the Face climbed by Reinhold Messner, Hubert Messner, Hanspeter Eisendle, and Wolfgang Tomaseth in 2000. Their plan is to reach 7000m in a couple of days before retreating to BC. The French-Polish duo reached 7800m on this route, last year.

Simone and Tamara at BC
Simone Moro and Tamara Lunger will join the route being climbed by Tomek and Elisabeth now. The Italians, however, will be ascending Ganalo Peak’s eastern crest and then descend its shoulder to Diama Glacier. By doing so, they will be able to avoid a major section of broken and crevasse-laden glacier.
Marks showing progress of different teams on Nanga Parbat; Source

Simone and Tamara are currently in Base Camp after second rotation on Ganalo Peak. They spent a night at 5600m and were heading up when bad weather forced them to turn back. The Italian climbers will soon be going up for 3-4 days of another acclimatization round.

Adam Bielecki and Jacek Czech Targeting 7000m
Adam Bielecki and Jacek Czech were fairly acclimatized for a summit bid on Nanga Parbat after spending three nights near Ojos de Salado (6893m) summit in December. But that was weeks ago! With no summit window in sight, the Poles are now trying to retain the acclimatization and be ready for push as soon as weather allows. The Polish duo went up Kinshofer route, yesterday. Their plan is to reach 7000m or as high as possible.
Adam and Jacek on Kinshofer route; Source

Alex, Ali and Daniele at BC
Alex Txikon, Daniele Nardi and Ali Sadpara hauled their gear to C1 (4800m) last week. On January 5th, they ascended to C1 again and spent a night there. The three climbers are currently in Base Camp.

No Update from Rupal
Still no communication from Rupal side; however, from SPOT Tracker we can see climbers moving up.
Jacek camping on Kinshofer route; Source

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