C3! Annapurna Summit Push Continues in Tough Conditions and Kuriki Nobukazu on South Face

The main group of Annapurna climbers reached C3 (at around 6400m) after a difficult climb from C2 (5700m), today. It was most dangerous section of the route, along avalanche-prone Crosshair Couloir. Besides, it was full of blue ice, while winds at altitude remained strong. Heavy snowfall is predicted from April 17th evening. Climbers hope that winds recede by the time they reach C4 and the snowstorm doesn’t arrive till they retreat to lower camps.
Clear skies but windy on Annapurna as climbers move up. At Base Camp, Sherpa burn juniper for the safety of their colleagues on the mountain; Source

“Safe at C3. What a day, high wind, blue ice front pointing. Hope we don't have to do that again. Making water then bed. Camp space is very limited.” Matt Du Puy, who is climbing with Australian-Kiwi lady Chris Burke, messaged this afternoon. This year, Camp 3 is established at around 6400m, a little lower than usual campsite at 6700m. The location was supposed to be sufficient for just 4-5 tents, but it now hosts the larger summit-bid party.
A photo by Matt Du Puy taken from BC via telescope explains lower C3 lcoation. Source

David Klein called his home team from C3 this evening. The Hungarian climber talked about strong wind and uncertain weather in coming days. However, he says that as of now all expeditions are going forward with summit attempt. Satellite trackers of German Jost Kobusch and Bulgarian Atanas Skatov confirm that they are currently in C3. Summit-push party also include Tunc findik, Boyan Petrov, Mario Vielmo, Nadav Ben-Yehuda, Naoko Watanabe,  Luo Jing and Guntis Ivars Miko Brands. Beside there are Korean expedition and couple of Russian climbers on the mountain.

We don’t have any update on rope-fixing and the climbers (like Boyan Petrov) planning for a summit attempt on April 15th.

Spaniards in C2  
Carlos Soria’s team left BC yesterday, aiming to spend the night in C1 (5200m). However, after arriving there in 4.5 hours, the 77 year old climber decided to continue the ascent to C2. This morning, after checking weather forecast, the team decided to delay the departure to C3 for a day. They are sticking to their original plan of summit on 17th.
77 years old Carlos Soria starts the ascent of Annapurna; Source

Mini Puja
As more than three dozen climbers and Sherpa venture up the so-called “deadliest” eight-thousander, Sherpa at BC continue to pray for their safety. "In Base Camp, Sherpa burn juniper in a little puja ceremony, when summit push starts or as long as someone is on the mountain. Sherpa start this ceremony in early hours of the day and it lasts till sunset. We hope that their smoke bring luck to the expedition BBVA." Carlos Soria’s team wrote today.

Kuriki Nobukazu on Annapurna South Face
Japanese climber Kuriki Nobukazu is known for his autumn attempts on Everest and use of high tech equipment during climb. He arrived on “other” side of Annapurna, couple of days ago. Kuriki wants to climb the notoriously difficult and dangerous South Face of the mountain. He is still considering the route options.

Kuriki Nobukazu will start the expedition with an acclimatization climb on Singu Chuli (6501m) tomorrow.
Kuriki at Annapurna South Face BC (opposite to the side where summit push is underway). Source
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