Shisha Pangma South Face: New Route Summit Push

It hasn’t been a particularly good year on Shisha Pangma, thus far. An accident claimed two lives, followed by teams leaving the mountain one by one. The conditions on Northside of mountain have been described as “too bad to climb” because of “badly open crevices and bare ice”.

Situation is different on flip side of mountain, though. Ueli Steck and David Gottler described the South Face of Shisha Pangma to be in good condition. The two climber initially acclimatized in Khumbu Valley and then on a 6900m Col on right side of Shisha Pangma massif.  They have been waiting for weather window to launch summit push since one week. The window is finally here as two climbers head up the mountain.

“Weather looks great for one week. David and I will give a try on Shisha Pangma South Face to climb a new route. Hopefully we will be back next weekend. We will post as soon we have 3G again,” Ueli Steck updated on Facebook, yesterday (May 8th).
In Dining Tent at BC; Source
Routes on Shisha Pangma South Face; Source
Weather Forecast

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