Slovak Everest SW Face Attempt/Rescue and No O2 Climbers Update

Everest and Lhotse climbing season is progressing smoothly thus far, as rope-fixers near the summit on Lhotse and both sides of Everest. On Northside, CTMA officials had fixed the route till 8300m some time ago and are expected to finish the job very soon. Similarly on Everest Southside and Lhotse, rope-fixing should complete within this week. First commercial climbers may also reach the top this week, as some teams intend to follow rope-fixing Sherpa.

Two Slovak climbers on Southwest Face are/were perhaps the only climbers on a route different than two standard paths. However, more than a dozen climbers intend to reach the summit without supplemental oxygen.

Southwest Face Attempt and Rescue
Slovak Vladimir Strba and Zoltan Pal intended to attempt the seldom climbed SW face of Everest, via British 1975 route in light style. They had been acclimatizing in Nepal since past two months. The duo went up from BC to C1 on Saturday and reached C2 a day later. Their plan was to go up Southwest Face after a day’s rest. The climbers planned to bivouac at 7800m and 8300m before summiting.

As per recent information, the duo seem to have been hit by a small avalanche near C-IV of British team (around 7200m) and are awaiting heli-evacuation. Vladimir is fine, but Zoltan got hit in the eye and can’t see properly. It appears that four Sherpa have also been dispatched to assist the climbers. “Guys are in good hands and mentally fine,” affirms the home-team.

[Update] Another update from team confirms that the two climbers have, in fact, reached C2 in Western Cwm and will be evacuated by helicopter tomorrow.
Slovak climbers and their planned route on Everest SW Face; Source

No O2 Climbers


Adrian Ballinger/Cory Richards
Adrian Ballinger and Cory Richards are going up for final round of acclimatization. They are hoping to reach as high as 8000m before descending to BC. Previously, they spent three nights at North Col (7000m) and climbed to an altitude of 76000m.

Alexander Barber
Last update from Alex Barber dates back to May 1st, when he was resting in BC after first rotation to C1 (7000m). His plan was to establish C2 at 7600m and reach 8200m before summit attempt without bottled oxygen.

Mick Allen
Mick Allen is back in BC, resting, recovering and waiting for summit window. He spent multiple nights at North Col and tagged 7500m during previous rotation.

Carla Perez and Esteban Mena
Ecuadorian Carla Perez will, apparently, become sixth lady climber to summit Everest with oxygen, if successful. She and fellow climber Esteban Mena have setup C1 (7000m) and C2 (7800m). They are currently on the way to C3 (8300m) to finalize acclimatization.

Thomas Lammle
Thomas Lammle has just launched second summit push on Cho Oyu. In first attempt, he turned back from 7600m due to bad weather. Thomas will try to climb Everest in single push after Cho Oyu.
Tents at 7000m on Everest; Source


Richard Hidalgo
Peruvian Richard Hidalgo is in Base Camp after spending night in C3 (7400m).

Isaiah Janzen
Acclimatization phase went smoothly for Isaiah as well. He touched C3 last week.

Richard Parks
British adventurer Richard Parks has to abandon his expedition after discovering some “rare medical complications” while in C2 (6400m). “His blood has become dangerously thick putting an extra stress on the heart and brain with an extremely high risk of clotting,” wrote the team.

Jelle Veyt
Jelle Veyt climbed to C3 a week ago and is back on the mountain for a potential summit-bid. If summit attempt is not possible, he will be happy with further acclimatization. “Tonight leaving for a week to acclimatize and maybe a summit push! Excited and ready!” Belgian cyclist tweeted yesterday.

Mingma Gyalje Sherpa
Mingma Gyalje Sherpa is expedition leader of Dreamers Destination Lhotse and Everest Teams.  Mingma, however, will be attempting Everest without bottled oxygen. The teams are ready for summit push on both mountains.
Isaiah at C3 on Everest Southside; Source
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