Summit Push Updates: Annapurna South, Manaslu Climbers Back to BC, Cho Oyu Team in C2

Bad weather have forced Nobukazu Kuriki and Slovak-Romanian Manaslu climbers to retreat, while Cho Oyu summit-push progresses smoothly.

Annapurna South Face
Nobukazu Kuriki is back in ABC and will descend to Base Camp in a few hours. Worsening weather forced the Japanese climber to abandon summit push at 6290m, where he bivouacked last night. Leaving ABC early in the morning, he headed up the Annapurna South Wall, yesterday.

Kuriki’s BC team messaged this morning that visibility at BC is almost zero, while weather is predicted to remain unstable. The climber was considering the options for further course of action. Decision to turn back was eventually made at 08:40am local time.
View from Annapurna South BC this morning; Source: Nobukazu Kuriki

Peter Hamor, Horia Colibasanu and Michal Gabriš have returned to BC, after spending a night in C1. “Back to Manaslu BC. Bad weather. Waiting.” Horia messaged a while back.

But like we said yesterday, Slovak-Romanian and Dutch Korps Mariniers team are working in cycles. With the descent of former climbers to BC, Dutch team headed upwards today.

“The expedition leader decide to send the teams back up on the Mountain for the preparations in the next 5 days for another Summit attempt. This morning the teams left basecamp to carry the last bits of kit towards camp 2 and prepare the last fixed lines to camp 4 over the next days.” The team wrote in today’s update.

Cho Oyu
Thomas Lammle checked in from lower C2 (6840m), a couple of hours ago. The Extrek team started summit push from ABC yesterday and are expecting to reach the top around May 6th/7th.
Cho Oyu Normal Route; Source: Mark Horrell
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