Tragedy on Makalu: 2 Sherpa Fatalities Reported

Two Sherpa were found dead inside their tent at Camp-2 last evening, report the home team of German climbers Frank Felder and Eelco Jansen. While precise details about accident are not available yet, the cause of death seems to be suffocation inside tent. Apparently, Carbon Monoxide (from malfunctioning burner) accumulated inside poorly ventilated tent and intoxicated the two unfortunate climbers.

Amical Alpin team (Eelco, Frank, Helga, Jürgen, Pema and Karma) left ABC on Tuesday, hoping to make it all the way to summit by May 13th. The team reached C2 (6600m) last evening and were scheduled to ascend to C3 (7400m) today, C4 tomorrow and summit on Thursday. However, they discovered the corpses of Sherpa in C2 last evening, thus cancelling their push.

“Currently they try to transport the two dead bodies back to Base Camp. How exactly and if the expedition goes on is currently uncertain,” the home team wrote, a while back.

Identities of deceased Sherpa (and to which team they belong) are not known, as of now.

Update:- The Himalayan Times identifies deceased climbers as Da Tenji Sherpa and Lakpa Wangel Sherpa of Amical Alpin team.
Puja ceremony at BC, before start of Makalu climb; Source
Camp 2 on Makalu; Source
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