Bulgarians on Nanga Parbat Summit-Push, Kinshofer Route Opened to C2

As per information received from Taiwanese climbers (Migon Kim's team), two Bulgarians are on the way to summit today. It’s reported that Boyan Petrov and Ivan Tomov left C4 on Kinshofer route this morning and are battling their way towards summit trapezoid. The Bazhin Basin traverse is seemingly offering substantial difficulties to the climbers. Kinshofer route is said to be in extremely difficult and dangerous condition, not just below C2 as we mentioned earlier, but in upper portions as well.

Other climbers – Spaniards, Koreans, Chinese, Taiwanese, French and Hungarian – are back in Base Camp for rest and recovery. It appears that they have finally succeeded in rope-fixing till C2 (6100m). They are, however, worried by increasing temperatures, rockfall danger and unstable ice conditions on the route. A week-long snowstorm is predicted to hit the mountain from tomorrow.
C4 on Kinshofer Route; Summit can be seen in background. Photo take in winter 2014/15; Source
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