Nanga Parbat Summit Attempt: Climbers in C3 (6500m)

Ferran Latorre, Helias Millerioux and Boyan Petrov made it to C3 (ca 6500m) on Kinshofer route yesterday. The trio is expected to set up final camp at around 7200m today and launch the summit push at night. If everything goes as per plan, they should be at the top, tomorrow. Pepe Saldaña and Fernando Fernández-Vivancos are also on summit push, apparently a day behind the former team.

Climbing activities on Nanga Parbat resumed on July 21st, after a week of bad weather. Ferran Latorre, Helias Millerioux and Boyan Petrov climbed directly to C2 (6100m) that day and ascended to C3 (6500m) yesterday. Pepe Saldaña and Fernando Fernández, who are not as acclimatized as the other three, spent first night in C1 and are expected to have reached C2 yesterday. The Spanish duo were first to reach Base Camp this year. However, complex conditions and lack of resources slowed their progress on Kinshofer route.

Yannick Graziani, Ferran Latorre and Hélias Millerioux intended to climb North Face of mountain and complete the unfinished line. However, bad weather thwarted their summit push at around 7800, near North Summit. Boyan Petrov and Ivan Tomov, who originally wanted to climb Kinshofer route, also switched to North Face because of better conditions. A couple of days after Yannick, Ferran and Helias, the Bulgarians were also on summit push. The two climber traversed from North Face to Kinshofer route. However, due to lack of visibility on summit day, they ended up taking wrong gully up the summit trapezoid.

Yannick Graziani and Ivan Tomov have already left BC, while the other three decided to make a final attempt via Kinshofer route.The climbing conditions are Kinshofer route has been complex and route till C2 wasn’t fixed until mid-July. An avalanche hit C1 few days ago and damaged some tents (of Korean and Taiwanese climbers).

The other teams, Korea-China-Taiwan expedition led by Migon Kim and Korean expedition of Kim Hongbin are also on the mountain. They apparently want to set up C3 and finish acclimatization, for summit attempt during next window.
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