Winter Everest: Hurricane Winds Sweep the Slopes of Everest

Hurricane winds sweep the slopes of Everest, as winter climbers rest in Base Camp after first foray up the Icefall. Alex Txikon, Carlos Rubio and the Sherpa team have established route till 5800m - just below the traditional Camp-1 site. Alex Txikon says he has reserved a month for icefall; to fix route from BC to C2 (at around 6400m). The eleven member team has been taking turns carrying loads - stairs and ropes - up the icefall.

“You have to carry a lot of weight and the terrain is technical, difficult and demanding. [But] when wind stops, we will go up again. The truth is that I am strong and motivated.” says the Spaniard.

Everest Weather

Tracking the forays up icefall.

Photos from Alex Txikon.
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