Lhotse South Face: Wind, Snow and Cold

After the initial progress to reach C2, with certain help from previously fixed ropes, Lhotse South Face expedition now battles bad weather. Our friend in Korean, Kyu Dam Lee, relayed following message from the team.

According to an e-mail from a member of the Lhotse South Face Expedition 2017, they lost another five days due to heavy snow and strong wind. They also lost C1 [perhaps, due to wind and avalanches] which was previously installed. He told that they are now fighting against cold and strong wind. They hope to complete route fixing to C3 at 7800 m and push forward to C4 at 8250 m.

They also intend to reach and set up C5 at 8400m by October 20th. After setting up C5, Mr. S. T. Hong would like to return to BC to have a short break before the final push for the summit. Mr. S. T. Hong and his members now climb in the late afternoon and early morning to avoid any falling rock or avalanche.

Group photo of Lhotse South Face team

There is no further update from Luka Stražar and Nejc Marčič, who were at Annapurna Base Camp to attempt the West Face in alpine styles.

Luka Stražar and Nejc Marčič

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