List of 2012 - 2013 Winter Expeditions to Pakistan

Note: Below is an initial draft. Fresh list of  expeditions can be found here.

The great game of altitude climbing is reaching it’s finish line. 50’s and 60’s of twentieth century witnessed first ascents of all 8000ers. Later Messner’s legendarily métier changed the course of mountaineering. Traverse, No-Oxygene, Solo, Double-Header, 14x8000ers – almost every unthinkable chore was done. Poles who hadn’t been able to contest the first ascent race, carved the alternative to prove their supremacy. They bagged seven first winter ascents from 1980 to 1988. There had been a void period until 2005 when Simone Moro resumed the task, climbing Shishapangma in January.

At this moment, only three peaks are left unclimbed in winter; notorious Nanga Parbat, Broad Peak and Mountaineer’s Mountain K2. Here is list of teams [officially announced, so far] endeavoring first ascents this winter.

Broad Peak

Polish Winter expedition Team 2012/2013- Jasmine Tours 
Expedition Website:
  1. Krzysztof Wielecki [Expedition Leader]
  2. Adam Bielecki [G-I first winter ascent | 2012]
  3. Marcin Piotr Kaczkan
  4. Janusz Golab [G-I first winter ascent | 2012]
  5. Tomasz Kowalski
  6. Rafal Fronia
  7. Artur Malek
  8. Berbeka

Nanga Parbat

American Hungarian International Winter Expedition 2012/13 - Jasmine Tours
Climbing Diamer Face
Expedition Website :
  1. David Klein | Hungarian [Expedition Leader]
  2. Zoltan Robert Acs | Hungarian
  3. Ian Overton | American
  4. Alex Gavan | Romanian  *Exweb updates that Gavan wouldn't be part of expedition.

Justice For All Winter Expedition 2012/2013 - Jasmine Tours
Climbing Rupal
  1. Tomasz Mackiewicz | Polish [Expedition Leader]
  2. Marek Klonowski | Polish
  3. Piotr Strzezysz | Polish
  4. Adrian Kutarba | Polish
  5. Tomasz Kowalski | Polish

Nanga Parbat Winter expedition 2012/2013 - Karakorum Magic Mountain
Climbing Diamer Face
  1. Daniele Nardi leader | Italy
  2. Janfranco Castiglione | Italy
  3. Mahdi Gholipour | Iran
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