Winter 2013 | Updated Expedition List

There has been some changes in composure of expeditions since my initial report. Some climbers had to withdraw because of financial constraints, others due to personal reasons. While some fresh names are also listed. Following is revised list of winter climber, most of whom are already in the mountains or in Pakistan.

Broad Peak

Polish Winter Himalaism team were facing budget related problems since start. To reduce cost, they transported their luggage to base camp back in September (low-altitude porters carry less weight and cost more in winter). Lastly, they had to reduce the team to five members to make it an affordable expedition.
Expedition leader Krzysztof Wielicki has arrived in Pakistan to take care of necessary preparations while rest of the team would arrive in first week of January.

  1. Krzysztof Wielicki (born 1950)
  2. Maciej Berbeka (1954)
  3. Adam Bielecki (1983)
  4. Tomasz Kowalski (1985)
  5. Arthur Malek (1979)

Nanga Parbat

Though initial reports suggested association of Romanian, Alex Gavan with US-Hungarian International Winter Expedition but very soon Alex expressed his inability to be part of this expedition, since he had just returned from Nepali Himalayas. The team arrived in Pakistan last week and have already moved to the mountain.
  1. David Klein (born 1975)
  2. Zoltan Robert Acs (1969)
  3. Ian Overton (1983)

Themed Justice for All, the team from Poland is now composed of possibly three members - name of third climber is not confirm as of now. They were first team to arrive in Pakistan. Currently, they are busy in setting up higher camps on Rupal Face.
  1. Tomasz Mackiewicz
  2. Marek Klonowski
  3. (?) Piotr Strzezysz or Adrian Kutarba (Edit: Later it has been confirmed that there was no third member, at all.)

Last of teams to Nanga Parbat was lead by Daniel Nardi. It was being considered that along Daniel would be Mehdi Gholipour of Iran. Mehdi is unfortunately missed from this expedition, solely because of financial constraints. He spent a lot of worth on Gasherbrum II and Manaslu last summer and is unable to find any support for winter Nanga Parbat. While third member from initial list, Lanfranco Castiglion, also withdrew from expedition due to personal reasons.

Confirmed addition to the team is Federico Fantini, a videographer who would be reporting from base camp (no climbing above). Both Federico and Daniel reached Islamabad on last day of previous year. Also a lady from France, Elisabeth Revol, would be joining Nardi in the base camp. She is all set for winter climb and would be arriving in Pakistan this week. She is also battling for funds. Don't hesitate if you can support the climb in any form.
  1. Daniel Nardi
  2. Federico Fantini - would stay at BC
  3. Elisabeth Revol
Last but not the least, a fresh entry to expedition list is addition of a young french snowboarder, Joel Wischnewski who shall be attempting solo, without supplemental oxygen and probably a fresh route on Rupal side. Joel flew to Gilgit early this week. From there he would take road to Astore once his baggage arrives via KKH (Astore is last major town before Rupal Face base camp).
  1. Joel Wischnewski
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