Winter 2013 | Amin Brakk Expedition is Over, Bad Weather on Broad Peak and Nanga Parbat

Past ten days in Karakoram and Western Himalayas has been quite monotonous mainly because of bad weather. Snow and wind prevented rescue team on Nanga Parbat to climb high in search of missing French climber and snowboarder. Movement of Broad Peak team was also restricted to Godwin Austin glacier due to harsh weather. As per latest news from russianclimb, the Amin Brakk expedition has been called off, as a huge avalanche struck team's camps.

Nanga Parbat
There is still no news about Joel Wischnewski, the young snowboarder from France who has been out of contact since 6th February. A search and rescue operation was launched on 16th but the team faced hard conditions on mountain and could only reach C2 (4300m) on 19th Feb. Heavy snow and cloudy conditions didn't allow the team to go up again and also negated the helicopter search over the suspected section. (Detailed about search operation can be seen here: 18 Feb, 19th, 20th, 21st & 22nd). Forecast finally shows some improvement in weather; clear skies with moderate wind. Unfortunately, chances of a positive outcome from search operation, at this moment seem minimal (if not non-existent, at all).

Broad Peak
Polish team to Broad Peak stayed in BC (except a walk to Gilkey Memorial at K2 base camp) since the 18th February summit push. Weather remained unfavourable and forecast didn't show much respite but an unexpected window has appeared around 4th-6th March - a divine gift for Poles who were on the verge of losing hope. Polish team is getting ready for the summit push.

Amin Brakk
Russian expedition to Amin Brakk has been called off without success as an avalanche wrecked team's resources. Brief update on Russianclimb says - Eugeny Dmitrienko wrote: "we fixed 9 pitches, made deposit, returned to BC and were going to climb in alpine style further. But at night before our start the huge avalanche buried on the wall all our gas, food and the most part of the gear. So, we're forced to abort the expedition. Inshallah! May be, we'll be lucky next time."
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