Spring 2013 | Himalaya Expeditions Update - Arrivals & Acclimatizations

Here is an update about mountaineering expeditions to Himalayas this spring (expect Everest); for Everest updates, please refer to previous blog post. List of Mountaineering Expeditions to Nepal/China Himalayas - 2013 can be accessed here.

Kanchenjunga Expeditions 2013
  • Lady from Iran, Parvaneh Kazemi (blog), left Kathmandu on 8th April. Her journey to Kangchenjunga BC included flight to Birathnagar, two days of car ride to Sinam and finally six days trek in wilderness. It’s expected that she will be arriving at BC, on 18th.
  • Carlos Soria (twitter), who is intending to become the oldest person to climb Kangchenjunga, reached BC on 14th April. Before Kangchenjunga BC heli-flight, Carlos acclimatized in Khumbu region / Everest BC Trek for two weeks and spent several nights above 5000m. "I hate to rush, or be rescued, or lose a finger in the attempt" - says the old Spaniard.
  • Singaporean, Khoo Swee Chiow (website) is currently trekking to Everest BC. His plan includes Everest and Kangchenjunga climbs this season. Expedition is officially named as Prudential Singapore Everest Expedition 2013.
  • Fellows of Khoo Chiow for Kangchenjunga Expedition have already reached BC. While exact details of climbers are not known yet, Oscar Cadiach reported that there are two Hungarians, three Chinese and one Korean.
  • Oscar Cadiach (blog) and Lluis Rafols have spent more than a week in BC, now. Since their arrival on 7th March, they’ve been mainly resting and getting acclimatized in thin air.
Kangchenjunga; Image source

Lhotse Expeditions 2013
  • Brazilian born American Cleo Weidlich would attempt Lhotse later in the season. She would initially acclimatize and climb Shishapangma in Tibet.
  • S-Petersburg trio Viktor Koval, Sergey Kondrashkin and Alex Borodenkov were expected to start BC trek on 12th. If everything went as per schedule, they would be reaching BC very soon.
  • Alex Txikon last reported from Namache, Alex and his Spanish colleagues were amongst the first to reach Everest BC. But they returned to Namache once some of the team members showed altitude related problems at BC. They might be returning to Everest/Lhotse BC after few days’ rest.
  • Chris Jensen Burke seems quite ahead of other climbers. She has already started the acclimatization, spent two nights at C1 and has touched the C2, couple of days back. Enjoy the detailed account of the trip here.
  • Other Lhotse climbers are also busy in acclimatization and Trekking before the start of actual climb.
C1 in Western Cwm - Lhotse in background. Photo: Chris

Makalu Expeditions 2013
  • At the moment, it appears that all teams except Gavin Vickers' are in the process of trekking to Makalu BC. Gavin has spent some time in C1 at 6600m and is currently back to BC.

Dhaulagiri Expeditions 2013
  • Polish Winter Himalayan Climbing team has reached Dhaulagiri BC. They arrived at the foot of the mountain on 11th and report good snow conditions. The climbing action started on 12th.
  • French Team too arrived at BC a day after Poles. Unfortunately after a few days at BC, Claude Labatut had some serious problem with sciatic nerve and abandoned the attempt. Rest of team decided to integrate with Poles and would continue the expedition without Claude.
  • Similarly Pawel Michalski and Simone la Terra have reached the BC. Last dispatch from team suggested an acclimatization climb on a nearby 6000er peak.
  • Catalan Team Juanjo Garra, Lolo González and Enrique Osie have just left Kathmandu.

Polish Base Camp; Source

Shishapangma Spring 2013
  • German Skiers Alix von Melle and Luis Stitzingerhave have reached the base camp of Shishapangma. Currently they're acclimatization on the mountain.
  • Ecuadorian Santiago Quintero left Kathmandu on 10th April. He might have reached the BC or would be there very soon.
  • Turkish Tunc Fidik has also reached BC.

Shishapangma; Image Source

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