Spring 2013 | Cho Oyu was SUMMITed on 13th May; First Estonian Female Conquers 8000er Peak

Update:- These summits have been marked disputed.

Based on recent dispatches from current team on Cho Oyu, it was reported yesterday that no team could go beyond C3, yet. But feedback received from Estonian climbing community suggests that two mountaineers from the country, husband and wife Uko and Anu Noulik, reportedly reached the SUMMIT on 13th May. (Daily dispatches from team appeared here). Success of the couple means that Anu Noulik is now first female Estonian to conquer an 8000er peak.

Before leaving for Cho Oyu, Anu shared details about her climb, “We have paid for the base camp services, but would be doing all tasks on the mountain at our own like pitching higher tents, transporting food and fuel supplies, setting up camps and so on. We do not have Sherpa guides, and would not be using supplemental oxygen".

The couple flew to Nepal on 10th April and crossed the Tibet border on 14th. Blizzard and snow storm welcomed them upon their arrival at ABC (5700m). The actual climbing activity started on 25th April. The task of establishing higher camps also served the purpose of acclimatization. On 26th April, they sat up C1 at 6400m. C2 (7150m) establishment was much more laborious but was done by 4th May. While descending from C2, Anu suffered a fall at around 6800m but luckily survived without any major damage. 

Having established C1 and C2, the Estonians returned to BC for rest and recovery before summit push. Spotting a weather window, the couple started the summit climb from BC on 9th May. They spent a night in C1 and ascended to C2 next day. The rise from C1 to C2 was tiring and difficult. On 11th May, they climbed further to C3 (7530 m) in tough weather conditions. Although they couldn't go for summit on 12th but the weather improved next day. The couple reached summit on 13th morning at 0930hrs local time.

Anu and Uko started their climbing career a few years ago and has been training at Jaan Künnap Alpinism Club. A. Kovalchuk was the first Estonian to summit an 8000er when he too reached Cho Oyu (8201m) summit in 1997.

Anu Nõulik; Image Source

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