Massacre at Nanga Parbat Diamir BC | Terrorists Kill 10

Terrorist attacked Diamir BC of Nanga Parbat at around Saturday/Sunday midnight, killing at least 10 climbers, reports Geo TV. As per Geo News television reports deceased climbers belonged to China, Ukraine, Russia and a Pakistani.

Turkish climber Tunc Findik was in C2 at the time of attack. He is now descending to BC, where Pakistan Army is controlling the situation. Apparently Iranian Mehdi Gholipour and some Nepalese are with him. Tunc also confirms that the deceased include Chinese climbers.

List of expeditions on Diamir side, Nanga Parbat. There were more than 50 climbers on Diamir side of Nanga Parbat, this summer. After a week of bad weather, many climbers went up and were in higher camps when this incident took place.

Update-1 (23-06-13): 1215hrs PST
Leader of Pakistani Expedition on Diamir Side, Karim Hayyat, sent a message an hour ago. As per him, 12 climbers have been killed by terrorists. Pakistanis Karim, Naseer and Sher Khan are safe.

Update-2 (23-06-13): 1305hrs PST
The International Expedition leader, Alexandra Dzik, also sent a message about safety of the team, "All members of our expedition with the exception of Ernest from Lithuania were that night at camp II. No contact with Ernest. There is also no contact with a Polish and Italian team with Paul Michalski and Simone La Terra".

Update-3 (23-06-13): 1545hrs PST
Paul Michalski and Simone La Terra are safe. Pawel writes on Facebook, that he and Simone flew out to Islamabad this afternoon. The expedition is over. Nanga Parbat region is closed by Pakistan Army and Police.

Update-4 (23-06-13): 1610hrs PST
News on Polish Nanga Parbat Experience Facebook page says, that all three climbers of the group, Boguslaw Magrel, Wlodzimierz Kierus and Adam Stadnik, are safe and traveling to Islamabad.

Update-6 (23-06-13): 1855hrs PST
A C-130 plane carrying dead bodies of Diamir BC Massacre victims reached Islamabad, a couple of hours back. Bodies have been shifted to PIMS hospital. As per television reports, six climbers has not been identified yet. Although several climbers have updated about their safety, the list of unfortunate victims is not available yet.

Meanwhile, on Nanga Parbat's opposite side, Rupal Face, Romanian Team is still on the mountain. They established C2 (6100m), yesterday and were hoping to fix route to 7000m, today. It's not confirmed whether expedition will go on or not, after Diamir Massacre.

Update-7 (23-06-13): 2135hrs PST
Alexandra Dzik of International Expedition share the nationalities of unfortunate climbers. As per her message, deceased are "one of the members of (International) expedition Ernest Marksaitis from Lithuania and other expeditions: two people from Slovakia, three from Ukraine, three from China (updated: one of them also has USA nationality), one from Nepal and Pakistan, each".
11 climbers were murdered.

Update-8 (24-06-13): 1015hrs PST
Nanga Parbat Rupal side team (Romanian Expedition) is climbing as per plan.

Update-9 (24-06-13): 1415hrs PST
A detailed report about expeditions is posted here.

Details will be updated in this post as further news arrive.

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