Shaheen Baig

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Shaheen Baig (born April 03, 1972) is a mountaineer, high altitude porter, mountain guide and instructor from Shimshal, Hunza Nagar, Pakistan. Apart from successfully climbing GII (2001) and K2 (2004), he has been part of several challenging expeditions including winter attempts to GI and Broad Peak. In 2009, Shaheen co-founded the Shimshal Mountaineering School to promote professional mountaineering and adventure sports activities in the region. He also runs a travel agency, organizing treks and expeditions.

Shaheen Baig started his mountaineering career in 1995 as a high altitude porter with a Korean expedition. In 1997, he summited Muztagh Ata (7546m) with a Japanese team. Shaheen’s first expedition to an 8000m peak was with a Japanese team that attempted Gasherbrum II in 2001. He was successful in reaching the top. Later, Shaheen attempted Broad Peak in 2002 and Nanga Parbat in 2003, before ascending K2 in 2004. He was part of two more expeditions to K2, but couldn’t reach the top.

Multiple winter expeditions to 8000m peaks are an important part of Shaheen Baig’s profile. After success on Shishapangma and Makalu, premier Italian climber Simone Moro attempted Broad Peak in winter 2006/07 and 2007/08. Shaheen Baig was climbing partner of Simone Moro on both occasions. In first attempt, bad weather didn’t allow them to go beyond C3, while in 2008 they achieved the significant height of 7800m. Shaheen also participated in two successful Polish winter expeditions, in 2011/12 (first winter ascent of GI) and 2012/13 (first winter ascent of Broad Peak).

Shimshal village has traditionally been home to strong mountaineers. To train the youth and promote the climbing activities, Shaheen Baig and Qudrat Ali established Shimshal Mountaineering School in 2009. Female students of the institute bagged first winter ascent of Mingling Sar (6050m) in 2010/11. Shaheen also runs a travel agency under the name of Shams Alpine.

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2001 Gasherbrum II
2004 K2
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