Winter 2014 | Summit Push Update, Poles in BC, Simone Going Up (Story Updated)

The weather on Nanga Parbat was far from perfect when climbers left C1, this morning. Tomek Mackiewicz had to quit the attempt shortly after departure because of some gastric issue. Simone Moro and David Gottler wrestled their way to an intermediate camp between C2 and C3. On Diamir side, Daniele Nardi continues his acclimatization on Ganalo Peak (6608m) at his usual pace.

Polish Retreat
Tomek was suffering from stomach problem this morning. Nonetheless, he along with Pawel Dunaj tried to climb to C2, but the disease forced them to abandon the summit push shortly after leaving C1. They were back at Base Camp by the afternoon. Tomek is reportedly in better condition, now. The Polish team will have to wait for next summit window, now.

Tomek in BC.

Simone and David in C2.5
The Italian-German duo started the climb from C1 (5100m), early in the morning. It was windy, cloudy and cold. However, they were able to reach C2 before 12'o clock. They rested and hydrated in Polish team's snow cave. Meanwhile, the climbers also had a telephonic discussion with meteorologist Karl Gabl, who confirmed that positive forecast for Saturday Feb 15th is still there.

Simone and David resumed the ascent and reached the Polish Campsite C2-A by late afternoon. They decided to stay there for tonight and make the decision of going up or turning back, tomorrow morning. Depending upon weather conditions and personal health, either they will try to establish C4 or return to Base Camp, tomorrow.

Update-1 (14-Feb-14 10:30hrs Pakistan Time)
Simone Moro and David Gottler went up from C2-A, this morning. The duo decided that they would reach C3 and try to assess the conditions. At around 10:00am local time, Emilio Previtali tweeted that David has reached C3, whereas Simone is 150m below. However, the climbers aren’t going further. “Simone and David turning around, they come back down. Too cold.” Says Emilio. 
With this, the second round of summit push also concludes. Like 90% of winter Nanga Parbat expeditions, these climbers haven’t been able to go beyond 7000m, yet. But the game isn’t over yet! The climbers are already looking forward for next window.
We are nervous waiting for the next window which is to come as early as Friday .. Remember that I still have a secret plan up my sleeve; the details soon.” Tomek Mackiewicz wrote on Facebook, yesterday.
Meanwhile, Simone and David must be descending to the safety of Base Camp, now. Hopefully, they will be in BC within few hours. 
Update-2 (14-Feb-14 16:00hrs Pakistan Time)
 Moro and Gottler reached the Base Camp, a couple of hours ago. 

Daniele Nardi
After a couple of days of rest, the Italian solo climber returned on Ganalo Peak for further acclimatization, yesterday. He ascended 1000 meters, from BC to 5200m, in around 4 hours. Daniele's home team wrote, “The program is to start early tomorrow (Feb 13th) morning to head upwards and make a night of over 6000 meters in order to complete the phase of acclimatization necessary for the Nanga Parbat. If the conditions are stable in the coming days, Daniel may try to climb to the summit of Ganalo Peak 6608m.”

"Compared to last year everything is different. The debate on what to bring, where to go, when to leave, and then the change in the path … everything has to be done alone. Then there are abysses”, Daniele told

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