Summer 2014 | Towards Summit on Broad Peak, K2 and GII

It snowed in the region from July 16 to 19th, but Sunday was a perfect sunny day. Teams are now gearing up for the summit attempts. Some of Broad Peak climbers have already left the BC, with summits expected from July 23rd onwards. On K2, it appears that July 26th and 27th will be the summit push days. GII Team is planning to reach the top on 24th.

Broad Peak

For Broad Peak climbers the situation is simple and straight forward. Everyone is well acclimatized and they have a fairly long weather window for summit attempts.

Some teams including Mexican couple, Badía Bonilla and Mauricio López, left the Broad Peak BC yesterday and reached C1. Many other climbers were expected to head directly to C2, this morning.

It’s reported that Romanian Alex Gavan, Bulgarians (Boyan Petrov, Mladen Dankov, Ivan Tomov), members of Polish Broad Peak Middle team, the Pakistani team (Karim Hayat, Safdar Karim, Naseer Ud-Din), Summit Climb team and Hungarian climbers were planning to leave BC at around 3AM on Monday.

The plan is to reach C3 (7100m) on 22nd and go for the summit on 23rd. Spanish climbers are targeting July 24th as summit day.

C3 on Broad Peak; Source


Good weather is expected on K2 from July 22nd till the start of next week. Considering the fact that such weather windows on this mountain are rare, majority of the teams will be going for summit attempt. However, few climbers, who were previously unable to reach C3, are also worried due to lack of acclimatization.

As of now, it appears that July 26th and 27th will be the probable summit days. “Right now there is a surreal ‘calm before the storm’ atmosphere at Base Camp. A lot of visiting between camps, socializing, information sharing and even singing and dancing Friday night. As the largest team here - and the one going to be fixing lines from Camp 3 to Camp 4 and then at stages from Camp 4 to the summit - it is also fair to observe that most other teams have been waiting for our plans to be firmed up.” Adrian Hayes wrote from Base Camp on Sunday. Adrian Hayes and Al Hancock’s expected summit push date is July 26th. They will be leaving for C1, tomorrow.

Spanish climber Ferrran Latorre is a bit worried because of lack of acclimatization, “for Miguel and for me this is the worst case scenario. It's too soon. We've only slept in C2 (6600m) and we wanted to acclimatize once again reaching the C3 before the summit.”

American expedition’s plan is to go for summit on July 27th. They will reach C1 on 23rd. As of now, it’s not known whether any team is aiming for summit on July 25th.

A beautiful night at K2 BC; Photo: Daniele Nardi


On GII, Tunc Findik’s team have left the BC today and reached 5900m. Depending on the weather conditions, the team aims the summit on July 24th.

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