Spring 2015 | Aerial Evacuation Underway on Everest

We received the positive update about clear skies and better weather, this morining (more here). Since then, the heli-evacuation of severely injured climbers have been completed.

Here is a series of messages from Alex Gavan about current happenings at EBC.
"All badly injured heli evacuated. many people contributed. white night with Meg and Rachel in IMG camp, caring for those needing. want sleep."
"Willie Benegas helicoptered into Westerm Cwm/Camp1 to bring ropes/ice screws /snow pickets to the many climbers trapped above Khumbu Icefall"
"Ongoing heli rescue in Western Cwm. Few climbers, included David Breashers, helicoptered down from Camp1. More than 100 of them still up."
Meanwhile, Fox News quote an official with Nepal's mountaineering department who, "said early Sunday that 22 of the seriously injured were taken by helicopter to Pheriche village, the nearest medical facility." Another 61 climbers have been injured the source said.

Here is another update from Mountain Trip Team,

"There have been only a couple of Sherpa who have descended through the icefall since the earthquake. There are many climbers missing still, and they expect to find more victims at basecamp and in the icefall before this is all through. The Sherpa who descended through the icefall were able to hear some voices of trapped climbers on their way down. Jacob and a guide from IMG (sorry I didn’t get the name due to bad reception) are going to attempt to go up into the icefall this morning to see if they can help anyone"

Temba Tsheri Sherpa posted following images of Heli-evacuation on Facebook.

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