Summer 2015 | Team Locations Update - From All around the Globe to Karakoram

After Nanga Parbat BC tragedy in 2013 and Nepal earthquake disaster earlier this year, there have been some speculations that the number of climbers to Pakistan may decrease this season. However, it appears more mountaineers are willing to go to Karakoram than summer 2014. We will summarize the location of majority of K2, Broad Peak and Gasherbrum teams in this post.


Madison Mountaineering K2 & Broad Peak Expedition
The team consists of 16 clients, 06 Sherpa and 09 High Altitude Porters from Pakistan. Climbers have started reaching Pakistan and are assembling the resources for further travel.

Mirza Ali and Samina Baig
Pakistani brother-sister duo will be attempting K2, after 7 Summit challenge, last year. They are finalizing the logistics before departure to the mountain. (Correction: Previously, it was incorrectly reported that they are part of Madison Mountaineering Team. Mirza and Samina are climbing independently).

Spanish Expedition
Carlos Suárez, Jose Fernandez and Esther Ibáñez will be reaching Pakistan in next few days.

Swiss Team
Mike Horn, Fred Roux and Köbi Reichen are expected to reach K2 Base Camp in four days. They started the trek from Askole, couple of days ago.

Himex K2 team and Billi Bierling, who will be attempting Broad Peak, are currently in Skardu. “Off to Askole tomorrow to start trek to broad peak,” Billi tweeted this morning. Himex team consists of 12 clients, 04 guides and 09 Sherpa.

Hungarian-Romanian Duo
Szilard Suhajda and Csaba Varga are expected to reach Islamabad, soon. 

Philippe Gatta
He is in France waiting for his climbing permit. “We should get our climbing permit in a day or so… and then leave for K2!” Philippe wrote on June 15th, however, the approval is still awaited.

Somos Ecuador
25 years old Ecuadorian, Esteban Mena, has been climbing since the age of 14. He is part of “Somos Ecuador” Karakoram team. In first part of the project, he will be climbing Broad Peak, along with Ivan Vallejo and Carla Pérez. Later in the season, Esteban will be attempting K2. The team left its home-country on June 16th and is expected to have reached Islamabad by now.
Landed at Skardu; Source

Broad Peak

Juanito Oiarzabal and Alberto Zerain left Bilbao on June 16th and are expected to reach Islamabad today, after Istanbul stopover.

Al Hancock
The Canadian climber is currently in Nepal. He’s scheduled to reach Pakistan on June 25th.

Oscar Cadiach
Oscar and four Spaniards, who are part of larger team “Summit Climb Expedition”, will be leaving for Pakistan tomorrow.

6Summit Challenge
Nick Cienski, who’s planning to climb GI, GII and Broad Peak this season, is already in Pakistan. He flew to Skardu, yesterday.
Chilean GII Team at the start of their journey; Source


Czech GI SW Face Team
Tomas Petrecek and Marek Holecek will be amongst last 8000er climbers to reach Pakistan when they will fly to Pakistan in first week of July. 

Polish Ski Team
Olek Ostrowski and Piotr Śnigorski’s travel plan included flight to Pakistan on June 17th, and start of trek to GII BC on 24th. The two climbers are probably in Islamabad at this moment.

Chilean GII Team
After a 30 hour journey from Chile to Pakistan, the three climbers are in Islamabad now. They will be exploring the city for a couple of days before proceeding to the mountain.

Nicholas Rice
Nick Rice flew from Los Angeles Airport, yesterday. He will be attempting GI, this year.

Kobler & Partner GII Expedition
The 10 members climbing team started Base Camp trek, couple of days ago. They were at Jhola Campsite, last night.

Richard Hidalgo
The Peruvian climber must have reached Pakistan by now. He started the journey to Islamabad on June 15th.

Yannick Graziani & Fellows
The French mountaineer has reached Pakistan and will depart for Skardu soon. He will climbing with Ferran Latorre (Spain), Tom Seidensticker (Germany-Tunisia) and Muhammad Sadik (Pakistan).

Atunas Expedition
Taiwanese Climbers left for Pakistan on June 17th. They will be attempting GI, this season.

Polish Team
Polish climbers Michal Ruszkowski and Michal Stachowiak will be attempting GII, this season. They will be arriving in Pakistan on 22nd.
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