Summer 2015 | K2 Teams Continue the Acclimatization

K2 teams continue rope fixing, gear transportation to higher camps and acclimatization on the mountain. Swiss team, who reached around 7500m today, has been highest on the mountain so far. Most of other climbers are currently on the way to C3. Climbing conditions are reported to be good. Favorable weather is forecasted till the end of this week.

Swiss team seems to have completed the acclimatization on K2. GPS of Mike Horn shows that he went up from C3 (ca 7100m) this morning and reached an altitude of around 7500m. He is currently descending to BC.

Earlier on July 13th, Mike Horn updated that, “due to bad weather, we've been in Base Camp for 3 days. It is clearing up though and we will start climbing again tomorrow. The plan is to head up to 7100m and sleep there for a night. Next day, we'd like to go a little higher and leave some equipment at 7500m for when we want to push to the summit.”
K2 Camp sites on SSE Ridge; Source 

Plans Getting Hammered
Himex team completed first round of acclimatization on Broad Peak. However, K2 hasn’t been very kind to them. Between July 10th and July 14th, Sherpa and clients made multiple attempts to go up from BC, but were turned back each time; twice due to bad weather, once due to some conflict with another team. They are expected to have left the BC this morning.

“We lost another valuable day yesterday owning to a small difference of opinion between some of our staff and a third party on the mountain, which dictated a brief hiatus and suspension of our rope-fixing effort. The differences were debated and resolved back at BC in very short order, but nevertheless the day and the vertical advances we had planned were all shunted back 24 hours.” David Tait posted on July 15th. “Our Sherpas left this morning at 4am, hauling a large quantity of oxygen bottles for stockpiling at C3 and C4. All being well I will leave at 3-4 am tomorrow morning”
K2 C1 on SE Ridge; Source

Acclimatization Continues
Madison Mountaineering expedition continues acclimatization on the mountain. “Today we climbed from Camp 1 on the Abruzzi ridge of K2 to Camp 2! We had great weather and awesome climbing conditions! We will spend the night here. Our Estonian climbers descended today from Camp 2 to base camp, they are doing well,” Garret Madison wrote from C2 yesterday.

Hiccups in pre-expedition phase delayed Seven Summit team’s arrival at K2 Base Camp. However, the climbers are trying to acclimatize as quickly as possible. “Philippe has arrived to C2 at 6700m after 3h15m. Having felt a little weak in Camp 1 he now feels great. The weather is perfect and views stunning. He will stay for two nights if weather permits and then go back to base camp to rest.” Philippe Gatta’s home team updated yesterday.

Canadian Monique Richard’s plan was to leave BC this morning. “will be climbing again to C1, will spend there a night, then will climb up to C2, then will pursue the ascent towards Camp 3 and come down back to Camp 1, spend another night there and finally come down to Base Camp. Acclimatization will then be achieved!”
Tackling rocks enroute C2. Source

Pakistani climber Mirza Ali tweeted on July 12th, “Today Samina, myself and three other cousins climbed to C1; lot of snow made us go down instead of climbing to C2.” Hungarian climbers Szilard Suhajda and Csaba Varga are currently on the way to C3. The duo has acclimatized to C2 in their previous rotation. Spanish team of Carlos Suárez, Jose Fernandez and Esther Ibáñez also continue acclimatization on Abruzzi Spur.
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