Winter 2016 | Nanga Parbat Summit Push (Live) – Jan 22, 2016 – Retreat

Tomek Mackiewicz and Elisabeth Revol are heading up from 7200m on Nanga Parbat. We will be posting updates here, as and when available, though out the day.

The two climbers are not carrying GPS tracker. Hence, the information reaching us will be via their home team in Poland/Pakistan. Their progress will also be visible from BC (using telescope), once they reach summit dome or any other part of Kinshofer route.
The mountain! Source

Update 01 : 1200hrs Pakistan Time
Arslan Ahmed had a contact with Tomek/Elisabeth around an hour ago. They were at 7400m and felt excited about the prospect of reaching the summit. Precise route details are still not available, though.

Meanwhile on Kinshofer route, Alex Txikon, Daniele Nardi and Ali Sadpara are on the way to C2. They left BC at around 0400hrs tonight and are just below Kinshofer wall. The trio will spend the night in C2 and resume rope fixing above 6500m tomorrow. They will try to establish C3 at 6700m and spend a night there. If weather conditions allow, they will try to complete the route till 7400m (C4). No summit attempt, though.

Fixed ropes on Kinshofer route will be a great help for Tomek and Elisabeth on descent, if they reach the route and decide to come down via it. Below is the route climbed by Reinhold Messner, Hubert Messner, Hanspeter Eisendle, and Wolfgang Tomaseth in summer 2000. (Drawn by Reinhold Messner himself for AAJ 2001).

Update 02 : 1310hrs Pakistan Time
Dominik Szczepanski - Polish journalist at Diamir BC - says, they can NOT see Tomek and Elisabeth from Base Camp now. Apparently, the climbers are on Buhl route, now.

Meanwhile, Tamara Lunger and Simone, who are on same route as summit-push party, have gone up towards C2 and C3. It will serve the purpose of gear shifting and acclimatization. Besides, they will be available for help, if Tomek and Elisabeth needs at any time.
Buhl's route to summit, as seen from Rakhiot side.

Update 03 : 1540hrs Pakistan Time
No further contact with Tomek and Elisabeth. Arsalan says, they are not picking up the phone.

Meanwhile, Kinshofer route climbers - Alex Txikon, Ali Sadpara and Daniele Nardi - have reached C2 (6100m). They will spend the night here.

SPOT Tracker shows that Justice for All team have reached 7050m on Schell route. They can probably look into Diamir side, now.

Update 04: 1730hrs Pakistan Time 
Information from Simone Moro, via Dominik Szczepanski, Tomek & Elisa are at 7300m. Weather is turning bad.
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Czapkins and Arslan are sharing information about Tomek and Elisabeth, whereas Dominik is currently reporting from Nanga Parbat BC.
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