Shisha Pangma Tragedy: Kobler & Partner Team Ends the Expedition

The accident on Shisha Pangma that claimed two lives was essentially a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. As per details emerging from Base Camp, the unfortunate climbers were on the way to C1 (6700m) and stopped at an intermediate camp (6200m) for some rest. They had deposited some gear there during previous rotation. The spot where climbers sat was, however, situated right above a hidden crevasse.

While climbers sat there, the snow bridge collapsed all of a sudden. Patrik Mattioli, Jon Johnston and Julian Beermann, who were roped together, fell around 25 meters into crevasse. Julian Beermann dropped further 8 meters down to the bottom. He laid there upside down and unconscious for a while. After regaining conscious, he could see the fellow climbers hanging above motionlessly.

Six other members of team were ascending behind the three. They reached the site and rescued Julian. He suffered frostbite and bruises. The efforts to recover the corpses remained unsuccessful. Kobler & Partner Team has announced the end of their Shisha Pangma expedition.
Julian Beermann; Source
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