Winter Everest: Second Summit Push Launched!

Alex Txikon and the team have launched another summit-bid on Everest. Although, weather window is quite at the edge of acceptable limit, this may well be their last chance to reach the top, this winter. Alex Txikon, Nuri, Sanu, Pasang, Nurbu and Pemba Sherpa climbed to C2 yesterday and will be leaving for C4 now. Wednesday, March 8th, is targeted summit day as hurricane winds and heavy snow are predicted to return to the mountain by Thursday.
Mountain at night; captured earlier during the expedition. Source

A Grand Surprise
The team flew to Kathmandu after first summit attempt at around mid-February to sort out some logistics issues. With no summit window in sight, they opted to remain in Nepalese capital for more than a week. Despite their return to Base Camp on February 25th, until now they have only been able to repair the route through icefall till C1.

Nonetheless, the team had a grand surprise yesterday morning, when they welcomed Reinhold Messner at Base Camp. The Italian mountaineer flew to Base Camp to wish them good luck for the summit attempt. Messner and Peter Habeler achieved first No O2 ascent of Everest back in spring 1978. If successful, Txikon will be the first one to do so in winter.
Messner at BC. Photo: Alex Txikon

Summit Push Plan
Alex Txikon and Sherpa ascended to C2 yesterday [March 6th] and spend the night in camp. They will be leaving for higher camps - perhaps C4 - this morning [March 7th]. Alex Txikon and Nuri Sherpa will leave for the summit on Wednesday morning.

“In the last weeks, the weather has not played in our favor, but we have a very small truce until Wednesday; Moment in which we will try to finish the adventure,” the Spanish climber wrote from C2. “Until now, the wind does not stop and hit us hard, but the mere fact of having the opportunity to try, pushes us forward.”
Summit as seen from C3 during previous summit attempt; Photo: Alex txikon

Weather Window
Current summit window is marginally good for an attempt at best. “Fresh winds from the WSW on Wed morning, extremely windy from the WSW by Thu afternoon,” reads the mountain-forecast prediction. The summit push team thus needs to lower themselves to at least C2 before hurricane winds envelope the mountain on Thursday.
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