A Rebellious [Unsuccessful] Summit Push on K2

There has been an interesting – rather implausible - development on K2 over the weekend. There was an unsuccessful summit push. It was a solo venture without expedition manager’s approval. Denis Urubko left BC on February 24th. He silently went past Marcin Kaczkan and Maciej Bedrejczuk who had started the ascent earlier that day. Denis had not informed anyone in BC of his plan, and denied talking to Krzysztof Wielicki via Marcin/Maciej’s radio. He himself was ascending without any communications device.

Today (February 26th) noon, Krzysztof Wielicki relayed the message that Denis was on the way down. He was in C2 at the moment. Further details of his push are not available as of now. "I know Denis for many years, I didn't think it would come," Wielicki commented about the whole episode.

Denis Urubko has always been of the view that winter climbing season ends on February 28th, unlike calendar winter that lasts till March 21st. Perhaps, that’s why he was eager to give it a go before end-February.

“Denis is probably going to C3 today. I am very much worried about him. He proposed a mutual departure but I suggested to better rest and wait for reasonable weather. He went alone.” Adam Bielecki commented on February 25th.

A Kazakh turned Russian, now with a Polish passport – Denis Urubko joined the Polish national expedition on Krzysztof Wielicki’s suggestion. He has been instrumental in team’s progress on K2 this year. Denis established two camps on Cesen route and did reconnaissance of Abruzzi Spur before rest of the team went up. Together with Adam Bielecki, he reached 7400m on February 20th. They spent two nights in C3 (7200m).

Meanwhile, rest of the team continued with usual climb. Marcin Kaczkan and Maciej Bedrejczuk climbed to C1 on 24th, C2 on 25th and are on the way to C3 now. Marek Chmielarski and Artur Małek climbed to C1 yesterday and are going to C2 today. Team was ready to extend support to solo climber, he may needed at any point.
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