[Updated] Winter Everest: It's Over. Alex Txikon Leaves

[28-Feb-2018] It's official now. As per communication from Alex Txikon's team, they have decided to conclude the expedition. 

Update 27-Feb-2018
Winter Everest isn't done yet! As per Alex Txikon, two members of expedition Temba and Ali Sadpara departed for Kathmandu as they couldn't continue the attempt. The Spaniard along with four Sherpa are still in BC and considering different options.

"We continue [to be] at the Base Camp, but the weather is not playing in our favor. Temba and Ali Sadpara have returned to Kathmandu because they weren´t able to continue, but the rest of us, we feel very strong. I would also like to appreciate the great work of Cheppal, Nuri, Pasang, Wallung and Geljen during the whole expedition. Everything indicates that the weather forecast will not be favorable until mid-March so we are considering different possibilities. I'll let you know." Alex Txikon posted just a while.

Original Post:-
The permit expires tomorrow and Alex Txikon is not applying for an extension this time. First calendar winter ascent of the mountain without supplemental oxygen will have to wait for another year, at least.

2 years ago we did the first winter summit of Nanga Parbat. As then, Ali Sadpara and I are together today. This time, winter has not given us the opportunity, but I´m sure the future will bring us together in a new adventure.” Alex Txikon posted this morning.

The team launched summit push from BC on February 21st. However, strong wind and extreme cold thwarted the attempt at C3 (7150m) a few days later. Earlier, on January 31st, they had reached an altitude of 7900m – the highest point of the expedition.

Without a favorable weather window in sight, the team thus decided to conclude the expedition.

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